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  1. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b331/fiestasport/COP_SMASH.jpg Heres one i saw in errm about 2004 i think, Pic taken by me on a REAL crap camera phone lol, I was sat in the pub the police car left the pub car park after pulling someone over in there, hit the road and spun out, no lights or siren he was just being a complete and utter idiot! and deserved the crash. Another not crash but epic cop fail was the knobend in Telford who was caught doing 150mph on the M54 in his High Speed Persuit vehicle without any lights or siren... He was suspended for 2 weeks and then told that it was fine for him todo it and it was classed as "Stretching his legs" as he needed to know what his car was capable of... For those 2 reasons i have NO respect for traffic cops, There no better than anyone, Just watch Interceptors or RoadWars when there in the EVO or the Scooby and see how "Responsible" they act.
  2. Im pretty sure a scooby + trailer is higher than an escorts towing capacity anyway, Not sure about the vans but if anything id say its less than the car?
  3. Any company can diciplin ANYONE for whatever they like, (Gross Misconduct), Or they can simply say your not achieving goals there are ways around "Unfair Dismissal" these days, Take it from a managing director! I used to be a manager for Norbert Dentressangle and even they sack people for just "Sticking to the laws". Agreed, He usually is in all honnesty il say what other members think heh
  4. Im not the best when it comes to photoshopping and should have been more clear in my intentions, It would be cut away but only down to the lower half of the splitter (Retaining rigidity, with Re-enforcement). The rest of the kit really isn't to my liking, because its all sharp & choppy lines (Which i will have smoothed away on the front bumper). Its quite hard to tell on the picture of an estate how it will look on mine with the ST170 Headlamps, Fogs, Grills etc. As for the "Mondeo" comment, thats kinda the idea, to follow the newer focus design so it kinda still looks abit "OEM". It will have lol.
  5. Hi everyone, Im considering this mod for my focus, I've bought this front bumper splitter... http://www.fordfenatic.com/focus/focuskit.jpg And im a HUGE fan of the later focus's HUGE mouth in the front bumper soooo.... i did some chopping and need opinions... http://www.fordfenatic.com/focus/focusbumper.png Anyone?
  6. Well im selling my last escort now Going to be picking up a 2010 Focus Convertable in a few weeks so sheding my escort roots for a while lol.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...=STRK:MESELX:IT http://fordfenatic.com/red2/26-09-09/26092009133.jpg Will take offers from forum users
  8. Thats Been sent to hell and back over & over shaw, Not a chance in hell you would ever make that into a sleeper again! Id be hesitant to pay £500 for it let alone 15,000 as listed value lol. Easiest way to "Sleeper" that would be to set fire to it, roll it over a few times, smash every panel to peices then dunk it at the bottom of a river. lol Engine is nice tho Good escort V8 Project heh
  9. Now on Ebay! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=120543514819
  10. Bump, Looking for offers guys need it gone asap council are complaining about it.
  11. Goto Tesco's they sell iron weights 5kg+ Not sure on pricing just saw em on my travels the other night, there bright blue & black.
  12. Ive got one removed from a Zetec (Rear Starter) im pretty sure its the same one, but if someone could confirm? Yours for £30 Posted mate, its pretty much like new.
  13. Sigificantly more, With the summer being right around the corner and the heat already being upon us now is the time to sell, Look on ebay and an example like this i should fetch £1k+ With an MOT & Tax. I simply dont have the time for it anymore business demands i stay well away from anything considered a personal life lol.
  14. Make me an offer, worse i can do is say no?
  15. Hey everyone, The time has come to sell on our 2nd Cabby The car is a 96 (N Reg) 130 Si Cabriolet in Radiant Red, The MOT Expired in January and since we bought it its hardly been driven at all, We belive all required work for the MOT has been done now. Recent Parts: - Both front lower arms replaced - Both front shocks replaced for monroe ones - Both front springs replaced with genuine RS2k Ones - Both front tyres replaced (Part Worns but pleanty of life in them). - All Front brake lines replaced for copper ones - New Disks, Pads & Calipers on the Front (Painted Red) - Rear calipers reconditioned & New pads added. - New electric roof mechanism (Fully Working). Bodywork: - Genuine Escort GTI 3dr SideSkirts & Rear Spats - Genuine RS Accessory rear Spoiler - GTI/Si Fogged Front bumper (Fogs not Fitted but Included) - Laguna front lower splitter - Recently new mohair roof Modifications: - Brand new Ashley Performance Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust system - Black Smoked Angel Eye headlamps - White RS2000 15" Alloy Wheels - RS2000 Shocks & Springs All Round (Genuine Springs & Rear Shocks) - Full RS2k Ravenflow Interior (Less Rear Quater Cards, These are standard items). Bad Points: - Rear drivers side arch has the usual rust, Pics to follow. - Small ding in the passenger wing that will pop out, no creases. - Spoiler could do with rubbing down & repainting at some point. - Engine tickover seems to raise when it gets warm. (Livable With). History: Club member owned (Si) Owned this car before we did, We have had todo ALOT of work to it since we got it, And it will be very sad to see it go but we have no time to work on it anymore and our chances of getting ready for this summer with our tight schedule is slim so we are giving somebody else the chance to potentially drive it into an MOT Station then drive it back out with an MOT!. The car is located in TELFORD (TF3) and we dont have a set price, Just sensible offers but to keep to the rules, £550 to Club Members! Pics to follow. Note: The rear number plate surround is now the nicer plastic type! http://fordfenatic.com/red2/twins.jpg Recent front end: http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/2952/carsb.png I will take more pics this weekend and get them posted up.
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