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    mk6 Mexico, Fiesta ST-150, 1.6 Finnesse daily

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    anthing ford, wat else lol :)

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  1. Id like to know how far he got with that also. i would really like to 4x4 Cos my Mexico eventually.
  2. His van is awesome, does he still have the pikey van?
  3. Hi Simon I have some rs200 calliper's and some st200 calliper's if your still in the market for them?
  4. got a 95 mexico stood up and a finesse 5dr as a daily
  5. what sort of 1/4 mile time will it lay down?
  6. thanks stu, i did wonder that.
  7. not worth taking the wheels off?
  8. This things spec is savage! did anyone ever hear of this guy or his car again?
  9. i remember you breaking the mk5 turbo Taz, i couldn't believe you was stripping it down
  10. sounded like some technical description would follow lmao
  11. Scotty how would you test a ecu other than just plugging it in and seeing if it works? or was that what you mean?
  12. You say the Mondeo feels cheap, im not so sure, my boss had a 6 series and i wasn't impressed which shocked me. As Mean as they look, the quality really wasn't what i expected or even wanted to be. disappointing really. My dad has a mondeo and it is a very nice solidly built car, more so than my fiesta. Maybe the 6 series is from a different year then.
  13. I think the Mondys look better, abit bland the Bmw's. Especially if they dont have a nav in the dash, they look awful without. I image they drive well though with a adequate power plant.
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