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  1. We bought a pair of arms that were made by a firm called "Fahren". They seemed to have quite firm bushes and they look to have cured the pulling. The previous pair had bushes that were coming apart/adrift after about 3 months use, so cheap arms don't seem to be the way to go!!! Thanks for the opinions, guys, much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Our local Ford parts man say original, genuine aren't available. Where are lemforder and Meyle available from, please? Not heard of either of them so unsure where to get them. Cheers guys.
  3. Hi All, Not posted on here for a good long while but have a question for all you knowledgable types. Does anybody have any recommendations for makers of lower suspension arms? My son has been having trouble getting suspension arms of decent quality for a couple of his Escorts. He has tried Borg & Beck, which don't seem to last long and Truepart(?) which he describes as "better but still not good". He is currently trying to sort one car which used to dive hard left under acceleration and right on over-run. He changed both arms, steering rack, ARB links, n/side drive shaft and gearbox. The box change made the most difference to where it is now driveable but still dives about. He suspects one arm is at fault still but wants to get a couple of good quality arms to try to cure the problem. We know genuine arms aren't available but does anyone have any recommendations. Sorry for the long-winded post but want to show how far he has gone already. Cheers guys, look forward to hearing your wisdom.
  4. As per title, does anyone know if remap is possible, who can do it and/or how much? Cheers guys.
  5. Yes, thats the same. will have to try and sort out the air con control then. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for that. Just a thought, can you remember what your original ecu code was? Just in case there is a difference.
  7. Hi Peeps, Not posted on here for a while but have a request for info. (Perhaps from Stu!) Situation:- My son has fitted a 2.0 Mondy engine in his 'X' reg Finesse estate. As part of the conversion we fitted a DEWY ecu and consulted the How To from here for wiring. Engine runs well, car is like a duck on hot snot!!! We had one concern afterwards in that the temperature guage only seems to work properly when car is started from cold. Hot start has guage going full scale and then back to minimum and no temp indication. We had a long(and ultimately fruitless) discussion on here with several people about it. Should say the guages are the digital ones! Another prob has arisen(latest hot weather) in that the air con doesn't work, the fan comes on and the revs increase as they should but the magnetic clutch doesn't operate so the pump doesn't work! We can make the air con work by putting battery and earths on relevant connections but it IS difficult laying under the car at 90!!! Looks like the ecu doesnt control the air con properly. The question we have is, is it possible for the original 1.6 ecu to be re-mapped to run the 2 litre. The reason being, if so, all the Finesse facilities, air con, digi clocks, PATS etc will all work and the 2 litre will run as well. My son bravely said "cost is not a consideration!!!" So, if anyone knows:- a) IF it can be done, b) WHO can do it and c) how much I would welcome some feedback. Thanks to all you knowledgeable people in advance.
  8. may be an option,cheers fella. working ok the now but would like a new set in there soon. may be an option,cheers fella. working ok the now but would like a new set in there soon. http://www.custombrakes.co.uk/ may call these fella the morn to get a price. I looked into the purchase of new shoes for an rs2000 4x4 not long ago and found they were only available from Ford at about £144 + vat. I approached a few local re-lining firms and they quoted £8 to £15 per shoe. They appear to be unique as they are only 25mm wide. Try re-liners locally for prices is the economic option!!!
  9. Hi all you temp gauge sufferers! My son's car has another prob which may, or may not, be related. The air con compressor doesn't switch in now, the ECU knows when the air con is switched on because the idle revs rise slightly as normal and the fan kicks in but the compressor doesn't. Anyone else having the same symptoms? My son also spoke to someone at Castle Combe over the weekend who said they knew someone who had cured the temp gauge prob. Anyone know who this person might be and if they can be persuaded to pass on the info?
  10. Hi fellow temp gauge sufferers!!!! Don't know if this will help any of you, but on my son's "X" reg Finesse estate he has been playing and found that if he starts from cold, the temp gauge indicates ok. If he then stops the engine and then re-starts while hot, the temp gauge goes to max then goes back down to zero and stays there. If, when starting from hot, he starts moving and then switches off and then back on and "drops the clutch" and lo and behold, the gauge indicates properly!!!!!!! Don't anyone DARE ask me why or how but it does!! Try it and see and let me know if it works for you. BTW we ran another wire from the second temp sensor to the gauge wire on the digital dash. Good luck!
  11. Just one word of warning for anyone thinking of doing this conversion, check the condition of the handbrake shoes. They are not used except for handbrake and should have negligible wear but if they do need to be replaced they don't appear to be available except from Ford. They are 180mm x 25mm, not used anywhere else and last price I got, from Ford, was £144 per set!!!!! You have been warned!! I found several places on the net, though, that could reline brake shoes for about £8 each!
  12. At the risk of inflaming more passions!! My son attempted to fit Mk5 RS 2000 rear discs on his Mk6 estate and found that the hub mountings were different, not by much but enough. He then acquired a MK6 RS 2000 disc beam and found the mounting was correct for the estate beam and also the Mk6 backplate has a spacer fitted to allow the handbrake cable to fit and pull the lever properly. The easy way to tell is by the rivet holes in the hub plate, on the MK5, I think, the rivet holes are at the sides but on the Mk 6 they are top and bottom. (at least that is my memory of it!!! Bear in mind I started driving in a new 105e Anglia!!!! ) HTH
  13. How much are looking for for the LPG setup pls?
  14. I take it you are going to fit factory fog lights? If so, there is a plug on the back of the unit that the wiring connector plugs into. The H3 bulb connects to a wire inside the unit. HTH
  15. Not trying to hi-jack this thread but I have been discussing with my son the prob with the temp gauge. He has found that using a second temp sensor in the thermostat housing and wiring that to the digi gauges connector, the gauge will go to "min" on switch on (cold) and then progress up the gauge as the engine warms up and continues to indicate ok while the car is used. If he then switches off and switches on again, while the engine is warm, the gauge goes up to "maximum" then back down to the stop and refuses to move. If the car then gets cold,i.e overnight, it works ok until stopped and started again! As I said in the previous post I did wonder whether connecting the "other" side of the sensor to something like a 5v source might work but as I am unable to access any diagrams proper to "X" reg Finesse I am unable to work out what is needed to get round this prob. If anyone has a diagram, NOT from Haynes, perhaps they can PM me. If anyone on here (Stu perhaps?) can offer some time and/or expertise, my son would willingly travel for some investigation work!
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