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  1. Here is a set of 4 original Cosworth wheels, 8j, 4x108, 16", et 25, in good condition, without tyres. Price: 420 GBP The wheels are in Bucharest, Romania and I can send them to UK, or you can arrange your own transport. For any information, pm me. Thank you! http://s204.photobucket.com/user/anto_cipi31/library/
  2. Yes, I blanked off the egr hole from the intake manifold. I will try to check the injectors. Thank you for your answers. From what I understand, the 130hp models have also EGR, so if the problem with the idle is from that error, unfortunately i have nothing to do, because i don't want to drill the stainless steel exhaust manifold to put the whole egr system (i heard that a lot of people had problems with it and i don't see the point to put it). The best think is to put a standalone but it will cost me too much. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, I have done a conversion on my Escort mk6, from 1.6 16v to 2.0 16v Zetec silvertop. The ecu I use is DEEP model from mk1 mondeo, without pats, manual transmision and intern Edis. The engine has a lot of power on acceleration, but when i slow down or when i press the clutch the engine stalls. I also have had a rough idle and stalling issue. I made the led test and i only have the egr system error (327 (O,R,M) EGR feedback signal is/was low), which means that there is no problem with o2 sensor, iscv, maf and other sensors. I have the egr error because i have an aftermarket exhaust manifold and the egr system is not present in the car because i didn't want to drill the stainless steel manifold. Did anyone know if the engine 1.8 16v 130hp from escort or fiesta had the EGR system? I wonder if I could put a 1.8 130 hp ecu on my engine if this model doesn't have egr or if you have any other ideas to avoid the egr system. Thans a lot! Have a nice day!
  4. Hello, I have a problem and maybe you can help me. I have an Escort mk6 with an 2.0 16v zetec silvertop engine, with DEEP code Ecu. I have an aftermarket exhaust manifold ( stainless steel ) and the egr sistem was remove from the engine, the inlet holes were filled and i connect only the sensors ( Egr solenoid and Dpfe sensor ). I made the test and i have the following error: 332 (R,M) EGR did not open/respond during test or if memory code, did not open intermittantly. Sometimes when I press the clutch the engine dies and doesn't work fine (doesn't go round). Does anyone know if the Desk or Dewy code Ecu's has this egr sistem? (or if there is another 2.0 ecu without pats, internal edis, manual transmision without the egr sistem) Or if you know how can i hack the ecu to think that the egr sistem works fine. Thanks a lot, Antonio
  5. I'm looking for a chip from Powerchips for a silvertop zetec 2.0 16v with Ecu code DEEP. It should look like this: Thanks a lot! http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m312/tr...ng/P3250005.jpg
  6. Hi. I have an Escort 1996 with a Zetec 2.0 Silvertop Engine running with the same Deep Ecu and I have the same problem. I have the 2 errors: 172 (R,M) Oxygen sensor not switching - system is or was lean - Single, Right or Rear HO2S 327 (O,R,M) EGR feedback signal is/was low Did you solve the problem? I tried with another lambda sensor and stiil the same error. I have an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust manifold so the egr sistem is missing. The engine may work fine without the EGR valve? Because i have a idle problem, sometimes the engine dies when i start it or when i accelerate. Thanks a lot!
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