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  1. Short the plug and it works. Only fitted one new switch upto now. Car is a daily runner so it gets upto temp everyday when I get stuck in traffic on the way home so I have to sit with the blowers on full whack to stop overheating! :-(
  2. Thanks ok I'll give that a try. I have put a new sensor on though and it still isn't working. I'll give it a try anyway and see what results I get as I suppose that way I can see if there is something else going wrong if the sensor is actually ok....
  3. I could get hold of one... but how would I test it to see if it was closed???
  4. Just out of curiosity... I'm starting to get smoke on only hard acceleration and using a little bit of oil lately too. I believe my valve stem seals could be on the way out and someone mentioned that there could be some oil additive to help soften the seals again. Does anyone know if this is true and/or could recommend any? Thanks
  5. Just out of curiosity... I'm starting to get smoke on only hard acceleration and using a little bit of oil lately too. I believe my valve stem seals could be on the way out and someone mentioned that there could be some oil additive to help soften the seals again. Does anyone know if this is true and/or could recommend any? Thanks
  6. Yep and it kicks straight in when I turn it on. Thats why I'm confused and running out of options, im not entirely clued up on this I've only done what I've searched on forums etc so any more ideas would be muchly appreciated! I suppose the next thing I could try is another sensor as im not sure if its a ford part thus not having the correct thermal range? I got it from a local motorfactors and the guy literally passed me a part over the counter without a box.
  7. I've changed the switch in the top hose which is why im confused that it still isn't working....
  8. As the title, my fan hasn't been working for a while... I've checked all fuses, bridged the connection (and it works) tried another fuse box and changed the fan switch. What else can I try? Could it be an ecu problem?... reason I think it might be is because, I can't remember what I was doing at the time but I had the fan switch disconnected whilst the car was running and I reconnected whilst the car was still running (pretty stupid i know), which resulted in a pop as the terminals met! It hasn't worked since!
  9. Well I don't know what's actually happened... my first call was to just disconnect the battery and check fuses, which were all ok. Then I checked the fuel cut off, disconnect, reconnect and press the switch down. Reconnected the battery and that cured the fuel pump issue! I then ran it upto temp but the fan wouldn't kick in, so I bridged the connection to make sure it was ok, which it was as the fan kicked straight in. Plugged it back in and its been kicking in at the right time since then. Very strange!.... maybe the box is on its way out??? Or maybe its just the wonders of electrics!?
  10. Took my car out of the garage last night, just about to wash it within minutes of switching off the engine as I had everything ready and the car started intermittently beeping. Probably half second beeps every 4 or 5 secs or maybe more but definately constant. I got into the car and the red light on the clock was on. I closed the door and turned the ignition and the engine started, however I didn't hear the fuel pimp prime so it took a few turns of the engine before it fired. I managed to start it this morning goin to work and coming home but its taking time to turn over as the pump still isn't priming. I also noticed when I got home that the fan wasn't kicking in at all when it was sat as I opened up my garage ao thats another problem... im not sure if the next problem is connected but the last 2 weeks I've been getting a ticking/clicking noise come from the light stalk as though I was using the inidicators, at random. I haven't had chance to do anything yet but what could I do to check the fuae box or any other potential related problems?? Thanks in advance!
  11. So, got the water pumped changed as there was a leak from there anyway. Ran the car upto temperature a few times but still wasn't satisfied with how fast the temp was rising so, changed the temp gauge sensor as suggested and now seems to be running all good! Not actually driven the car yet but we'll see later on today when I drive it back from my uncle's garage! Fingers crossed, I think it should be sorted now. Moral of my story, don't buy parts from euro car parts! (I failed to mention earlier that I had purchased a thermostat from there that also wouldn't fit)
  12. Thanks guys. Haven't had chance to check the sensor yet, however I ran the car out again today for literally only 10 minutes and the temp was right up high when I pulled up. Checked the expansion tank for pressure and there was minimal pressure, but I noticed that the coolant had dropped so I left a sheet of cardboard under the engine to see if there was any coolant leaking. Went back 2 hours later and found some drops underneath the waterpump area so I think I'll get the waterpump changed and then take it from there...
  13. Forgot to mention I've spent most of my day letting the car idle with the expansion cap off, tapping and squeezing hoses to try and release any air locks. Drained the coolant and refilled. Is there another way to do it? There doesn't seem to any pressure in the tank after running with cap on either so does this mean its pretty free of air in the system?
  14. Last weekend my head gasket went but I managed to catch it pretty early. Since then I've had the head skimmed and crack tested (everything ok) and rebuilt the engine with my uncle. We diagnosed the overheating as a nakared thermo after testing it and seeing it wouldn't open.... so basically I've replaced the thermostat with a spare I had after testing that. I've also replaced the temp gauge sensor as that was knakared. I've tested the fan and I know that it kicks in. So... I've replaced the head gasket, thermostat and checked sensors etc and all seems well... however, I've ran the car for about 8 miles, taking it steady, and the temp gauge is consistently high. As in between the 'N' and the top of the gauge! The fans kicks in and brings the gauge back down to the 'N' but also the only other way of getting the temp down is to turn the fans on full wack!... Would I be right in thinking now that my only other option would be the water pump?? All the pipes and rad heat up pretty quick and the last place to get hot is the expansion tank which makes me think the water isn't circulating, which eventually causes the overheating?
  15. Sorry to bump an old'ish' post but I'm having exactly the same symptoms, so rather than starting another thread... does anybody know the outcome of this problem!? Thanks!
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