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  1. Right lads, been a while since I've owned a MK6 but just got a GTi & the temp gauge is bugging me! Under normal driving all's well, Gauge sits between the 'N' & 'O' of 'Normal' but when I hit a hill it starts climbing up fairly quickly! Usually gets to the 'M' but most of the time the hills finished and it starts dropping back down again. I'm sure all my other escorts never used to climb when going uphill but like I said, it's been a while so I can't remember tbh. I originally thought an air lock so drained it all out and refilled/bled the system properly but it still does it. Really irritating, any ideas? Cheers
  2. Cheers for the offer mate, managed to find one in same colour someone was breaking local.
  3. As title, need a new one after some T*at decided to hit my car whilst it was parked! Pref local to Somerset/Devon/Dorset but sometimes in London/Kent or otherwise I'm willing to pay postage. Cheers
  4. Well they clearly weren't scrapped in the right way mate (ie: declared to DVLA) as all scrap cars these days are registered to DVLA as being scrapped hence they appear as details could not be found. The only cars which have been scrapped yet will still appear are from a few years back, before 2005/2006 iirc before the new laws came into place. On the other hand, any news on getting this car back lately mate or not
  5. Lock it up please Mr Mod man. Now have a working window thanks to Mark (jyujinkai) Highly recommended seller!!
  6. After N/S front window regulator for my 3dr GTi. Please PM me if you have one, will need to be posted unless local to Somerset/Devon/Dorset Cheers
  7. £495 ovno ..would be ideal for a zetec sleeper
  8. After being messed around on eBay (as usual) I thought I'd give it a try on here: 1990 'H' reg Ford Escort MK4 1.3L MOT end of Jan 2016 (only had 1 advisory for a tyre which has been done) 102k miles Excellent Engine & Gearbox, no funny knocks or bangs etc Serviced In January (New oil/filter spark plugs etc) Old reciepts of service history etc Qualify's for classic car insurance Solid car, needs no welding. Battery tray has been replaced to a good standard in the past, it's also has outer sills & the fusebox area is good condition as pic shows little bit of rust on o/s rear arch. It is what it is, a 25yr old MK4 Escort which has survived well. £595 ono please don't waste my time as it needs to go sooner rather than later as I've just got an Escort GTi Located Chard TA20 http://s8.postimg.org/l35l3lo35/IMG_1089.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/5rvs2zqr5/IMG_1090.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/vqvjx7twx/IMG_1093.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/9ygmibqcx/IMG_1095.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/x3r14bvht/IMG_1096.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/me45kl4xd/IMG_1097.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/yu5gs2nn5/IMG_1098.jpg http://s8.postimg.org/pdfnlg3sh/IMG_1103.jpg
  9. I'm partial to a pepper red MK6 mate especially 3dr. Looks a good project, will be interesting to see it when finished
  10. It's my old 1 mate, I bought it off you down in Rochester I think it was. I had it for sale on retrorides for £395 I think it was but nobody was interested and eventually I sold it on eBay to a chap in Sheerness, I can give you he's eBay user ID for you to contact him regarding the escort if you like? If it's been scrapped it'd come up vehicle details could not be found but it would also say that if somebody took the private plate off so you can't really tell
  11. What you after for them mate? Are they from the blue GTi rep you was breaking? If so, saw the photos of it on the breaking section & the drop looks ideal for what I'm after. PM me a price & your number
  12. As title, looking for a set of MK6 Escort 40mm lowering springs or shocks/springs PM me with what you've got & must be able to post unless local to Devon/Somerset Thanks
  13. maybe it would be an idea to add another section to the forum where we can show our other toys? or even change the forum to an all ford models forum so it will attract not only people with escort's but also with other ford's. just an idea?
  14. imo it's simply because people are more interested in newer cars atm mate as someone stated above. just remember, everything has to drop in price before it rises again just like I said in my post above, just look at mk2's & mk3's not so long ago. soon everyone will be regret not keeping their mk6's pristine
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