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  1. Mate ,if you want that many cars ,then have them, to me there just cars ,a piece of metal ,we are all striving for something better ,its that some people dont have the money to change as many times as you ,so can only dream ,i doubt most people on here had money ,they would have a escort ,
  2. Have you changed the thermostat ,could be stuck open so its running cold all the time ,should get the pump fixed thou
  3. have you checked to make sure the battery connections are all in good order ,sounds like a bad connection or your starter stuck and draining all the power
  4. im getting exactly the same for around 2 weeks now ,was going to clean or replace the icv as thought it was that ,mmm but maybe not
  5. so what your saying ,just stick a 2.0l in but surely i can convert to 130bhp
  6. its got internal edis so you say ive got to change a few pins
  7. Thinking of buying a cult 130bhp ECU so i can fit it to my gti 115 as got new 130 cams ,throttle bodies,what will i need to do it ,do i need key with chip or am they plug in and play
  8. Looking good mate ,im still looking afta your old gti lol
  9. i think the resistor pack is on top of the heater under a small cover
  10. LOL yeah and now sporting a BMW X5 and a Vauxhall Combo LMAO Still got the Cossie tho HaHa fair does mate ,i was only looking at your scort yest ,at FITP ,got photos on my computer ,im sure someone had it by me ,let it go so i gather,
  11. The DAVE W the one that used to have that nice escort
  12. I think that is a bit harsh, some people work for so many years to gain qualifications and for you to dismiss them just because you don't trust a few of them is a bit OTT, IMO. May be it is a bit harsh but ive done my qualifications in the motor trade ,working in light and heavy goods ,,been a AA patrol for 14yrs ,and i find today ,its get it in ,get it out ,and if thats by bodging it they will ,even the AA aint employing proper mechanics now ,cos i no the stringet tests i had to go thru to get in ,now they employ anybody ,shame really when members are paying for them to get them going
  13. always do the mechanical repairs myself ,i wouldnt trust any garage to work on my motor ,most of them ive met are bunch of clowns
  14. All you need to do is do your test but on a 125 and get yourself a bigger machine ,i take it you have done your CBT ,looking good thou mate ,a biker like me ,just be careful of these car drivers
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