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  1. oh well i didnt do it to please anyone but myself and i obviously like how its turned out thanks for the great comments Number plate
  2. i use image shack all the time when uploading to image shack use the simple uploader, then when hosting them here use the direct image. oh and resize to message board size too hope that helps
  3. I'm no paint expert, but the near-side of the car looks very dull to me compared to the bonnet and possibly the off-side. Ah ok, as i said i had major problems with the paint sprayers to be honest i wish id never used them i went back twice to have other faults put right. i do plan to give it a good polish and mop myself to be honest so hopefully this may shine it up better, but thanks for pointing that out
  4. The front wheels are slightly turned but yes they do stick out a little, it passed the MOT on the promise that i add some sort of wheel arch kit The Bonnet was off Tez's old Orange escort, so yes functional Why does the paint work look dull ?? i had some major issues with the paint sprayer so interested in your thoughts here thanks, considering i know nothing about cars and did 80% of the work myself im quite chuffed
  5. here are some pictures i took today, the van has been out on the road so its dirty already :wacko Im undecided as to what to call her im stuck between The Black Pearl or The Executor, the name Executor will become more clear in a couple of weeks when i add a couple more pictures (something really special..... promise) here we go, all comments welcome both good and ...................... bad :cry http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/6055/1001980c.jpg http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/1943/1001979.jpg http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/236/1001977np.jpg http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/677/1001978td.jpg http://img547.imageshack.us/img547/5233/1001976j.jpg http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/3281/1001975l.jpg http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/4693/1001974w.jpg http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/2438/1001973j.jpg Hope you like New complete Re-spray in Honda Pyrates Black (gives off a red tint in sunlight) New Rear Solid doors(no windows) Rear RS bumper Gti Side Skirts Fox 8 Alloys (sprayed black) Rear spoiler with working break light Shark Fin Ariel wind deflectors New Wing Mirrors with working indicators Smoked side repeaters RS Bonnet Smoked Angel eyes After Market front bumper(unknown) RS front grill (i think buts its black now) Red Ford Badges
  6. Stephen Ireland leaving the Villa for Newcastle on a loan deal and Chris Samba heading to Villa from Blackburn Michael Bradley has completed his loan switch to Aston Villa from Borussia Monchengladbach.. Man city have turned down an offer from Liverpool for Micha Richards Carlton Cole or Peter Crouch could be heading to Newcasstle, the Carrol deal has been completed he is now a Liverpool player
  7. Hey Guys Sorry, not been around for a while but i just wanted to know if anyone is interested in coming along to this event theres space for a few cars/vans the more Pimped up the better please post here if you are interested in coming along and il add more details as and when i get them cheers
  8. 3) Audio stalk (as pictured) £15 posted me me me me me me please
  9. Simon69


    If this doesnt sell and you willing to move on the Price, i could have this off your hands after Christmas ...... Cash waiting
  10. hahahahaha my Van started out as a runnaround too, nearly 1500 quid later it looks totally different to when i bought it welcome back by the way
  11. Great Advice that i adopted the same technique on my door the glue and wood dust (make sure its the very fine stuff) dry rock hard. just fill and sand exsisting holes and the cut new ones for your hinges, this is the best way to do this imho
  12. ah wicked cant wait make sure you let me no, ah whats that then? The rear area including the Roof is being Ply Lined all the gaps filled and then Covered in Leather Look material (glued and stapled), ive just done the Cab area Roof liner in the same stuff in black added some Black sun visors and it looks wicked. Once ply lined il carpet out the back, and then where my sub and speakers are im hiding that all behind an MDF board so just the speaker grills are visable and then covering the MDF in the leather look material. to finish off ive got some nice soft glow blue Led's that i can switch on from the cab area and the final touch is a Mini In car DVD player that sits nicely in the back too. throw in a couple of bean bags for comfort while watching a DVD
  13. The bit where you have to destroy the morta postions from the Helicopter ! the First Mission i got through ok, i destroyed the building but then as you fly across the top of a Mountain and get hit by a Morta (unavoidable) As you fly round i destroyed the Camp, the Guy hiding and then i just bombed the hell out of the caves but still i fail 5 days now
  14. im doing the back of mine after the holidays so il post pics of my progress, but basically im doing what Rod has kind of suggested.
  15. anyone played or playing this at the moment. Im in the helicopter trying to destroy the morta postions in the mountains and no matter how much i blow the F**k out the little B******s i fail the mission everytime ..... i swear is going in the bin, 3 days ive been stuck on this level
  16. Thank you, just getting the interior sorted now
  17. Well im biased so id say if your getting fed up of Escort Cars then try a van, a lot of fun to drive, many different options to try. Ignore the red number plate surround thats gone now so from this http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/8149/picture004gu.jpg To this http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/9714/001cbn.jpg
  18. Simon69

    Wtd Door cards

    No worries mate i think i have a pair now but thanks for your help any way, we should catch up before xmas mate
  19. Simon69

    Wtd Door cards

    hey dont fit in the Van mate they have to be the 5 door
  20. Simon69

    Wtd Door cards

    Right ok mate, well the Van is now Black and the interior Red/grey so il leave it for you to decide the best option thanks mate really appreciate your help
  21. Simon69

    Wtd Door cards

    without the risk of coming across thick whats the difference between the 2?? if you could pick a pair up for me John id really appreciate that just let me know what i owe you
  22. Simon69

    Wtd Door cards

    Im desperately after some new Doorcards for my Van with it being for the Van i only need the passenger and drivers side so i dont hold out much hope. would like if possible the ones that come without the window winder as i now have electric windows and also ones with door pockets. thanks in advance
  23. i recently just lost an auction for an Escort Van Diarama it was fab looking to and gutted i lost out. Its inspired me to have a go of my Own and ive recently just orderd a MK4 escort which i plan to turn into a Van. Ive researched how to do all the work and its very interesting i cant wait to get started. as far as i am aware about your question on Spraying as long as you use light coats regular halfords paints will do the trick however i plan to use Tamiya paints, and Milliput for the fab work
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