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  1. yes as far as i no it does fit a 1.6 Escort VII 1.6 16V -- 09.95 - 10.98 KW:66 HP:90 CC:1597. What u talking about with cv lol. Carnt really do much cheaper i guess i could knock a quid of £25 for parts £8 delivery 1-2days via UPS
  2. the cv joint kit has been in the 4sale in another thread for ages.
  3. Hi i have a brand new idle control valve that was to be fitted on my escort but i didnt get around doing it. also a brand new cv joint kit that fits many models. idle control valve £12 plus £3 record 1st class delivery cv joint kit £14 plus £5 standard delivery (due to weight) but will send the quickest possible for the postage cost.
  4. Hi guys and girls, Im selling my escort due to needing funds for another car of which ive been saving aswell plus to fund the mrs a run around, and also just moved house and im plasterd in speed bumps and there so huge its a right pain at times dodgy them. so we have a ... Ford Escort Gti 5dr 1.8 16v 1998 in red. Has 4/5 months tax and 8 months mot. Only had 4 owners so very reasonable condition for a 11 year old car. Car sits on a set of 16" alloys not the standard 15". has a 3" peko backbox. lexus style front headlights. also lowerd 50-60mm with full Gmax shocks and springs. Car also has a induction kit fitted. half leather seats as standard in good condition. has just had 2 brand new wishbones but recently The driver side cv joint needs replacing badly as its clicking its head off! esp after a drive i did to look at a car i was interested in 2day, I have brought a brand new cv joint kit which new owner will recieve and can not put it on as i dont have a clue how. Also i have had a brand new 3 pce clutch fitted with receipt for £150, only done 600 miles since fitted. engine runs good and pulls fine but could do with a new idle control valve fitted as idle sticks sometimes, A brand new idle control valve will be fitted or come with the car But this isnt much of a prob as only does it a few times.I find its good on fuel and no vibrations from wheel on motorway (very smooth). Also the middle box is blowing and have been told it needs welding as its in good condition. was told the cambelt was changed at 96k by previous owner but no receipt. Car has AirCon and works fine, central locking also with elec window. does need new window switch as driver side stopped working. body on car is good and the archs are ok, jacking covers are missing tho on skirts. Think ive coverd everything £750ovno quick sale Needed will concider a swap/Px collection from DE15 (staffordshire,burton-on-trent) contact number 07510320451 http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss123/vimto25/IMG_0131.jpg http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss123/vimto25/IMG_0129.jpg thanks for looking tony http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss123/vimto25/IMG_0132.jpg http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss123/vimto25/IMG_0130-1.jpg
  5. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1595153.htm http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss123/vimto25/IMG_0131.jpg
  6. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1595153.htm Sry in wrong topic. ill relist in correct topic, delete if u wish.
  7. i need the elec window switch as my drivers side dont work nor does it light up (passenger does work and light up). not sure if matters but it only has 2 buttons for both front not rear as they are wind up.
  8. i have 2 cv joint kits for sale, i brought these for my car but they wont fit as my car seems to have diff drive shafts. 1 has been opened and greased (not used) other has not been opened. Im after £13 each plus delivery or £25 the pair plus delivery. Ready to Dispatch! Fits: Ford Escort 1.8 Gti MANUAL 4/97-4/98 Ford Escort 1.8 TD MANUAL 1/93-9/96 Ford Escort 1.8, Td (split o/s shaft) splines to GB 26 MANUAL 1/95-4/98 Ford Escort 1.8, Td (endura eng) (split o/s shaft) splines to GB 25 MANUAL 1/95-4/98 Ford Escort RS , 2000 2.0 MANUAL 3/93-1/95 Ford Escort RS , 2000 2.0, 4X4 MANUAL 1/92-8/96 Technical Spec: ES (External Splines) 25 IS (Internal Splines) 25 SD (Seal Diameter) 56 No. of ABS Teeth: This C.V joint will also fit none ABS Models your mechanic should know to just pop it off if required.
  9. oxford to far away, But ill use as last resort as im moving house 2mrw so aint got time to traval that far.
  10. need a middle section for my 5dr gti, currently blowing so needs replaceing.
  11. middle exhaust section? price posted?
  12. take your car to a local garage they normally inspect them at no charge. I thought both of mine needed replacing but only the passenger side needs replacing but i brought a pair for £20 as there best fitted as a pair ive been told. Also cv joint kit i have just brought that cost me £33 for 2 with next day delivery. This is 1 of the reasons i brought a ford .
  13. yeah its much better than first ect... few teething problems when first released but all sorted now Think im gana get a server soon too
  14. daddycool

    boot capet

    Just quick question in the boot is tehre suposed to be like a wooden board? ifso my doesnt have 1 and need 1.
  15. Send it my way then you well to far away mate or i would, i see its a few bolts ect.. but ill prob break somet in the process! lol
  16. OMG ford was drunk when they came to fit ICV on these escorts, Why would they make it so difficult to get to, Aint got the patients to do that, Think ill keep the lumpyness
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