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  1. That's great, thanks. Something I"ve never attempted, hence the question.
  2. Are the mk6 Escort, complete rear seats a straight swap into mk6 3 door Escort, literally, will they bolt straight in ?
  3. Yeah, if not local, collection or delivery cost outweighs their worth, especially the seats.
  4. 6 December 2017 I bought myself a few Rs parts and the seller also has two MK5 Rs2000 front seats, which he wants £100 for. Also up for grabs is a Mk5 Rs2 front bumper complete with lights. Also a mk5 Rs2000 grille, think he mentioned a Escort Cosworth front grille too, although I'm unsure of prices but if any interest I can find out and pass on details. All items cash on collection, collection from Manchester
  5. Yeah, I know that know, thanks. I'd tried to compared google images of both interior trims, yet found it difficult to distinguish colour. Ford dealers were none the wiser either, although I had finis codes of both trim colours, I didn't know which trim actually matched my interior. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  6. Thanks, great, With that finis code, ithe trim colour is Opal. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, much appreciated. However, I'm none the wiser The code embossed into the plastic doesn't appear to be a finis No. As your photo displayed the sunroof cover in a box, I thought it was bought new from Ford and would have the colour and finis code on a label. There is only two colour options available, Opal and Pumice, yet I've no idea which is the darker grey and neither does Ford.
  8. That'll be good, thanks.
  9. I can see the sunroof cover in the photo is grey. I'd to know the actual shade or finis code so I can source the correct cover which matches the interior of my Escort. Please excuse the typos in my previous.
  10. Hey, fantastic work, loving that manifokd mod. What's the colour code.or FINIS code of the sunroof cover ?
  11. Now I've finally seen one fitted, especially to a red Escort, I'll be looking out for one and fitting it to my Rs2000. I also have a red 3 door 1.8 Si, so will evebtually fit one on that too. When I first got the SI, it had a thin black rubber splitter fitted which looked good but it was either stolen or more than likely ripped off by a speed bump.
  12. Thanks. Yeah, I've heard of Laguna Splitter being fitted years ago but never actually seen one on an Escort; looks good.
  13. What splitter do you have fitted ? Hey, your car's lookin' great, good work.
  14. Whether sorted or not; if both cars are Rs2000's, surely just fit engine into car without PATs and once all connected, it would start ? Would only become a problem if new car is not a Rs2000. I would of thought a PATs Rs2000 engine would fit in to a non PATs Rs2000 without issues, unless there's variation within the wiring loom. The PATs is either an indipendant module or incorporated within the ECU and not part of the engine.
  15. If you want one fitted, that's your choice, no need to justify; like yourself, I think they look good and even if everyone had them fitted on the modding scene, it's still kinda different. I initially replied as it appears they're not available to purchase anymore, thus maybe being illegally to park vertical being why. During MOT test, all wipers must park automatically if such a feature fitted as standard and if so, wipers can't park vertically on the screen. I don see why a single wiper can't be fitted, meet current MOT test legislation, thus park off screen but when at shows, just turn ignition off when wiper in middle of screen. It can only be an issue with the Police if a car is driven with wiper parked in a vertical position.
  16. It's is illegal for wipers to park in vertical position and it's an MOT test fail. Nothing can obstruct the drivers view. If window stickers, chips and cracked screens are a reason to fail an MOT test, then why would a 50cm long object thats at least 2-3cm thick & parked vertically in the centre of the screen be acceptable. The wipers must park in the correct position. I believe there's also a concern in regard to injury should a pedestrian be thrown onto the windscreen during impact.
  17. Are they still available for other makes n models ? I believe for road use; it's illegal to park wiper in centre of screen..... Prob regarded as obstruction within swept area. Many years ago, I think a friend who had one fitted to his Rs got a fix penaltly or some kind of reprimand and he removed it.
  18. I believe on the Mk 6 fuse box, to the rear & maybe underneath, there are two plugs which look identical and can be inserted into each other socket/receptical: maybe these plus have been inserted into the wrong sockets ? As for the heated rear screen; if a hatchback, it could be due to the tailgate losing its Earth at the hinges due to wear or maybe rust ? I ran a new Earth wire from the Earth of the rear fog light and bolted it to the Earth of the tailgate actuator; since doing so all the electrical issues I was experiencing with the tailgate have been resolved.
  19. If you supply your own clutch kit and a garage fits it for you, the garage wont provide a warranty. If something goes wrong after fitting, at a later date, you'll have to pay a garage to remove the clutch again. Otherwise, if a garage supplies their own clutch kit & fits it, you'll be covered by their warranty for re-installstion as well as the parts.
  20. Personally, I've never used Mr Clutch & whether they fit a complete clutch or just the friction plate, it'll be under warranty, possible two years. I guess it's not always necessary to fit a complete clutch; probably done due to relative low cost of components & as gearbox is out, might as well. However, I've come across too many a friend who claim they ended up pay more than quoted because a new flywheel was required; I'm not referring to DMF either.
  21. You still not replaced this clutch 4 years later..... Is the clutch actually slipping, otherwise it's holding out well. Approx 6 mths ago I was quoted £160 from Mr Clutch to replace clutch in 1.8 Escort, However, I believe they only replace the friction plate & not a complete clutch. I've also heard, that once car on the ramps & gearbox out, they phone claiming a new flywheel is required ...!
  22. This occurred to one of my cars too, also rear passenger. I believe it was caused by a buckled/egg shaped alloy wheel fitted to that axle.
  23. It may be possible to unplug the central locking/alarm module from your Escort Ghia, behind drivers kick panel and swap it for the central locking module of your sons car; by doing this, it may provide an alarm to your sons car. If this works, return Alarm module back to your car and buy an escort alarm module from ebay for your sons car. Some Fords have a deadlock facility, which when activated prevents the doors from being open from the inside through a broken window and also isolates the electric tailgate release. To operated the deadlocks, when locking the car, rotate the key once to the unlock position then back in opposite direction to the lock position, whist doing this, if deadlocking is present, you will hear a double whirl of the door look motors. To test, best lock doors with a window open & reach in and try to open the door from the inside, if deadlock present, door won't open from the inside & tailgate release switch won't pop the tailgate open. Reason I suggest lock car from passenger side; sometimes the switch on the drivers side which turns on the alarm and wrapped around the rear of the door lock barrel, either wears down or works loose and fails to switch on the alarm; due to lack of use, this tends not to happen on the passenger side.
  24. As far as I'm aware and how the Ford Alarm operates on my Rs2000, Escort GTI & Si, when the key is turned in the tailgate lock a micro switch is activated which temporarily disables the alarm, so when operating correctly while armed, the alarm should not sound when tailgate is unlocked. Best to roll down a window & lock the car via the passenger door, turning the key only once in one direction, then after a minute or so, reach in through the open window and unlock & open the door from the inside. If an alarm is fitted & active with horn in boot still connected, the horn should sound. Not all Ford alarms flash inficators on activation. The LED under the clock is also used when programming in a new transponder ignition key.
  25. I'll be surprised if the factory alarm has been removed, it's incorporated within the Ford central locking module. Also, I think the bonnet switch can't be disconnect either, as the circuit is some kind of closed loop. If the car doesn't have central locking, it more than likely doesn't have a Ford alarm. Behind the driver side kick panel, looking up towards the dashboard, there should be a module like this: http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/280745349927 However, there is a possible it has a similar looking module which only controls the central kicking, (if fitted).
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