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  1. Missed that.... Try again ? Thank you
  2. Decided to go N/A route and did a few things : I bought a 2.0 Blacktop head and send that in to get cam reprofiling as well as port polish and gasflow. Before http://photostand.co.za/images/k8v3b1edwwf5widuvin2.jpg After http://photostand.co.za/images/xots5242fqmdm8qn5t0e.jpg Inlet manifold ports were matched to the head : http://photostand.co.za/images/q9p77lz8yp4l17c58gbv.jpg Photo of the clean head : http://photostand.co.za/images/8okm9f4xgzkjbhth4ick.jpg The fitment of the blacktop head to the silvertop bottom end was really easier that I tought. How she idled with the old exhaust with the head : Photos of the 'conversion' http://photostand.co.za/images/lditdpaqolv2s6jenfgn.jpg This is what head wrap does to a exhaust(and this is in our hot dry weather) http://photostand.co.za/images/wrncyi2xm04k75tm0.jpg Took the valve cover for powdercoating http://photostand.co.za/images/givfi4puv2galyxo9zq0.jpg Mangnacor plug leads http://photostand.co.za/images/r6swlhyta8v85af4zf.jpg Fiddled with the throttle body http://photostand.co.za/images/qz0lw5ccjg2v0ssfsrr.jpg Found a set of ST170 seats and I couldn't say no. Also not that big of a mission to fit : http://photostand.co.za/images/na8lmgh1usvwmfqcda33.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/wi9r4iru3ymhzngvtz.jpg Took her this past week to get a branch and exhaust made, well worth the money http://photostand.co.za/images/jxosye3aqy8oms2o6s.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/vul5g0e7sv53w9pxrpjj.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/xnvabnzsccx2dgrilj1.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/5loem9si6mbtjvnsh2w.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/uxprg3glcbj9tcivzzik.jpg Mandrel bends http://photostand.co.za/images/ptqi33lu0gfost7nyhj8.jpg Branch http://photostand.co.za/images/4jffztyauexieqeeik.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/vwyzcjsbghqcacinm6.jpg I also asked them just to make a short piece of pipe for the inlet, looks much better IMO http://photostand.co.za/images/hsmbu2yr1igcpetlx57t.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/pbju23vcwkft1aarky.jpg http://photostand.co.za/images/rc14i80w10maq4909y8i.jpg and just to give an idea of the sound : Next thing is going to be a remap, that will be in the next two weeks. But so far I am really happy with the performance, especially at 1200 meters above sea level, she pulls extremely well for street cams and head work.
  3. 2.0 - 2.5 L if almost complete empty.
  4. Hi, I am starting a new topic because the only one I saw that also asked this question is closed. Before I buy to much oil, seeing as the only come in 500ml from ford, How much power steering fluid does the power steering system take, Mine is almost drained completely. I am guessing about 1-2L Would some just confirm please. Thanks in advance. Wayne
  5. Update Got a few more goodies from UK http://photostand.co.za/images/0odi3ab2g39tix5g8kf.jpg and bought these locally : http://photostand.co.za/images/wo0l88lfjy858tvhm5c0.jpg I should really really stay out of the scrap yard :balls: Thats all for now Thanks to heavyrightfoot for the plug
  6. How I wish shipping to SA was easier
  7. Do you have the electric window switch and the plugs that go into it ? Also would you post it so South Africa ? Thanks Wayne
  8. Oh yes, I am also looking for the plugs that go into these seeing as I am doing my own loom
  9. Thanks mate, but I am only doing the front windows Thanks anyway
  10. As above, I am converting my manual windows to electric, I have every thing except the little switch(the one in the gear lever surrounding). Ebay is a bit expensive as I saw one on here for 2 pounds Also shipped to South Africa as always Thanks Wayne
  11. Nice car mate, like the look of that
  12. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a complete gasket set, found one at burton power. How are burton gaskets ? or should I stay away and just get the ford ones(Really don't want leaks), Or would they do the job ? Thanks Wayne
  13. I got bored with the foci wheels, they are more 'neutral' . I like the lenso's more and more people love it or hate it. I should just take some decent photos of the car standing level as well. Cheers for the comment though
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