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  1. The only difficult part to get is the ecu
  2. Went for 1.6 havn't had a real good run to see how it goes but first impressions are good, but then my escort mk1 was 1.3 then 1.6 then 2.0 pinto then zetec lol so it may well get a vvc yet
  3. Engine fitted today impressed with the performance but how long before I want more power lol
  4. Bought another R100 with the money and a 1.6 to swap 1.1 but new R100 is mpi so will need to sort out a engine loom also been offered a vvc but it's a later k series and requires more work to fit
  5. lol i bought the one on e bay it has a optical output as well as hdmi and sky box has optical out will just have to try it was only £30 so worth a gamble they also said it was connected to a Panasonic tv fingers crossed pick it up Thursday thanks for help
  6. Cheers the one on eBay end a 7.00 tonight but no worries if you can't cheers
  7. I found one that connects with Hdmi on eBay so might go for that if it's cheap at the moment I am watching tv through sky using the Hdmi connection and I had to select Hdmi 1 on the settings to be able to watch tv so what will happen if I connect a surround sound to Hdmi 2 ?
  8. yes old system connected to the tv but there are no connections for it on the new tvc so would need amp i think ,someone left a surround system on my doorstep (not a clue who left it ) but linked this up to the sky+ hd box using the red and white rca leads worked but not able to adjust the volume (no remote)and it wasn't proper surround sound just stereo have since found out my new tv doesn't have a optical out only hdmi outputs/scart/usb/ i am thinking i might have to buy a new system but will it connect without the optical output?
  9. You don't necessarily have to change the ignition barrel just drill a small hole in the chip cover of the new key and use a small self tapping screw to screw into the hole you drilled then use pliers/grips and pull of the cover and remove the chip do the same in old key but replace new chip with old one it's the chip not the key that the ecu needs to recognise
  10. Yes had same problem I asked another member that I found on another rover site to ask the mods
  11. Well got new tv but now want surround sound as I had before. My old tv had 5.1 system and connected to the tv with bare wires that clipped into terminals but the new tv didn't have them is there any way I can connect it to my new tv or do I have to buy a new system32 inch big backed CRT TV great picture and sound expensive when new could possible deliver if not too far cheers
  12. Well I bought a panasonic stunning picture but sound not too great as I was used too a surround system
  13. My heart says vvc but my head say's 1.4 but offered a 1.6 today so might go in between and keep my head and heart happy lol
  14. To vvc or not to vvc that is the question lol
  15. i don't care really what make although all the other stuff is Panasonic as long as its good quality good picture and sound (would like to keep my surround sound if possible lol) cheers for help shame you are in Scotland lo i would be interested in buying your old one
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