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  1. Solution. You want THESE Fitting RS 4 spokes is a nightmare and TBH they're not the best for drifting purposes - not the toughest ones if you know what I mean... Revolutions on the other hand are just brilliant. Lighter, tougher, no hassle. BTW what CWP are you running now ? I heard WWRS can do 5:1 for £420 this year.
  2. If you just want to read the fault codes and look at injectors and live data - F-super 2 will do you just fine.
  3. Sorry, I'm tired... and it's not important... But I just don't get it. What do you get for free exactly ?
  4. So is a maximum power unless we get to know the available rev range. Congrats on getting over 200 BHP, think it must be quite difficult to setup for driveability and what's the presumed longevity of this setup ? 4-5 race weekends ? Half a season ?
  5. Why does anybody want "mases" to believe that any car that has been weakened beyond reasonable repair can be saved by several tubs of filler ?
  6. You must be nuts. And you never been to a German Autobahn obviously. 180 MPH is run of the mill stuff.
  7. I never was. Am I the only one listening to Today on R4 ? After Wogans demise I was listening to Evans for about 2 years, but let's be honest - it's bit repetitive. I preferred him at drivetime. Don't know why.
  8. Well you can forget that outright. Puma sounds sensible. Any Fiesta actually. Swift ? Colt ? 205 ? Proton ? I love Satria GTi - under 100 MHP the most fun you can have in a FWD hatchback on a twisty course. I don't bother suggesting MR2, S13 Silvia, FTO, Celica or anything like that - you need 4x bigger budget to keep it going.
  9. What has modding to do with a manufacturing date ? Are you gonna tell me that when around 2002 it became popular to put Scorpio seats into Cortinas it's not a 21st century mod, but actually 1995 ? Everything about your OEM+ modding reminds of time aprox 12 years ago - color coding galore, windscreen stickers, large bore on a diesel, big audio install, etc. I'm not judging it, I'm just nicely reminded of the time when it used to be a daily staple of any car scene. All you're missing is red LEDs and neons. I'm not commenting on a fact that it is a Vauxhall either - I think of them in a same way as I do about fat chicks - they'll do in a time of crisis, but if anybody asks me if I ever had one, I'll always firmly deny it !
  10. Well.... It's badged as such and thrown together on Merseyside, but developed in Germany under an American concern, so.... it depends. Same as Escort. 1997 actualy The red wipers went ages months back I can read a number plate, don't you worry. I was referring to your modding style, it just took me straight back to Aachen GM meet in 1999. Timewarp scene car.
  11. All the way back from 1999 including RED wiper blades ! Well.... It's badged as such and thrown together on Merseyside, but developed in Germany under an American concern, so.... it depends. Same as Escort.
  12. DaweV6

    old sega stuff!

    Great ! When are you coming to pick it up ?
  13. What's the red LED on a dash doing ? Is she happy ?
  14. Update: Hmm so they changed it recently again and it's not possible to search whole categories such as Electronics, you have to fraction it further to Sound&Vision, etc. Before 2009 it was possible to search everything no problem. Ebay is becoming like Facebook - worse and worse with every update. Good tip is to search for - (or,and,of,is,I,if,at,where,when,you,why,how,new,used) - Include the brackets and tick "Title and description" in Advanced search. It returned over 8.5 mil items or 13k auctions which granted is far from all, but you can always modify it to your needs.
  15. As above, I haven't found a solution to see everything either. Mind you, if you select Vehicle parts, Electronics or Home and garden and search all items then, you should get fair amount of bargains.
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