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  1. if you need more pics, we'll be doing more work on it soon, so i'll take loads of pics of what was done. where abouts are you? as if you're not to far away, i might be able to help, if you need it.
  2. abs is on the cv joint, so the fronts have nothing to do with it. have a read through scott's thread to see how we done his brakes: http://www.escortevolution.co.uk/forums/topic/147720-my-pepper-red-five-door-project/
  3. the hubs are bolted on, just unbolt the drum hubs then bolt the disc brake one on.
  4. scott has a set of mondeo 16inch five spokes for sale, the rear brakes bolt on, with a little bit of work on the axle to clear the caliper, i've done the 300mm brake swap in less than an hour, it's just swapping parts and drilling the hubs out
  5. depending on what wheels you are running, i wouldn't bother with the rs brakes, as theres only 20mm difference on the discs, sport ka calipers are the same size, i would either go with mondeo v6 front brakes or if you are usinf 16 inch wheels or bigger mk3 mondeo calipers and st170 300mm discs, for the rear mk1 focus rear discs go on and you might be able to get the abs to work, as far as i know there was no rear discs on the mk6 rs2000 with abs. engine mods is down to how much you want to spend, as you can go crazy or just keep the cost down, cams and head work help alot, but then you are restricted by the inlet manifold.
  6. that miles away from me, i was going to offer to come up and help you, if you weren't too far away.
  7. where abouts in the country are you?, as it takes me about 3 hours to get a zetec engine and box on the floor out the bottom.
  8. thats because you're a bmw whore now
  9. i've got one with it in, but it's a very late one
  10. you need the updated mk4 escort haynes, as it covers the efi cvh.
  11. didn't have painted door handles
  12. still need these, and quite soon!
  13. *ahem* http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v629/C72TLL/IMAG0286_zpsant2fvjn.jpg
  14. they both mount the same way, on an angle away from the top of the engine
  15. it's bonded in, so the same as a front screen.
  16. zetec one can be made to fit, as i have both and will double check for you.
  17. i think thats the way it says in the haynes book of lies, but you just need to undo the bolt so it release's the clamp, then adjust it from there.
  18. sounds like it needs the selector setting up correctly, it can be adjusted with the pinch bolt on the rod that goes in to the box, need 2 13mm spanners to crack off the bolt and a small screwdriver to move the rod, mark it first so you can put it back if need be, from memory you need to put it in 5th on the box and gearstick with the pinch bolt loose, try that and see how you get on.
  19. don't need them painted, as i have other bit's that need painting aswell
  20. i'm after the metal gasket that goes between the engine and gearbox on a rear starter IB5 box and a pair of mk6 outer door handles painted ones, any colour please
  21. the only other thing to fit would be a superchip, but that won't give you any more power, just makes it drive better as scott fitted one to his 1.6
  22. you've had this for nearly 18 months now!
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