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  1. Ive got two rs2000 mk6 ones in good order, removed due to upgrade. £50 plus post.
  2. Three door head liner if not sagging plus one of the aftermarket exhausts if reasonably priced. And RS steering wheel if the tilt slide mech is in good order.
  3. I'll take them, posted pls, pm with your PayPal and a total to pay. Thanks
  4. Yes mate, here you go http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f325/caldoofy/IMAG0216.jpg Nicely done 1/2 tints.
  5. Got a set - mint condition £28 posted
  6. Cheers, for the suggestions so far. Both those suppliers dont do cabby outer sills as they are a totally different shape to the cabbys. The rear pannel (as the rest of the car) is in excellent condition. The sills are very solid (as is the rest of the car the MOT guy was pleasantly suprised :-)) however there is a patch on the drivers side in the middle that requires repair, my original plan was to get a sill (normally £11 for a hatch) cut out a repair section and weld that into the exsisting sills. Its looking tho ill just have to fabricate a section to go in. The outer sills from a ford dealer come in at £118 which tbh i would have paid if the sill were shot but it isnt and seems a waste of money just for a 3 inch wide section to be cut out of them.
  7. Any one got any ideas where i can get outer sill skins for an escort mk5 cabby tried hadrian and the like but no joy and ford want £118 any ideas appreciated.
  8. Standard Manifold off 1.8 gti good cond - no downpipe £10 plus post.
  9. The rs2k clutch cable and si are different did the conversion to mtx in June, found that it was necessary to release the auto tensioner on the pedal before fitting to the box counter weight then back along the bulk head ( following same routing as original cable) then pushing through the hole in the bulk head and ensuring the grommet was fully home before getting on your back and fiddling around under the dash to locate the cable on the pedal ( very fiddly ). Hope that helps.
  10. Couple of items for sale, first off clear indicators for mk5 rs2000 / xr3i / si bumper mount units one with a part missing but not really too noticeable when fitted - £50 ono delivered http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f325/caldoofy/IMAG0041.jpg http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f325/caldoofy/IMAG0042.jpg Pic on a car to show what I mean about not being noticeable http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f325/caldoofy/IMAG0360.jpg Also 2x front hubs off rs2000 fitted with brand new gen ford wheel bearings never been fitted, abs sensors included ready to bolt on, cost 90 for bearings plus getting them pressed in only after £60 the pair delivered http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f325/caldoofy/IMAG0039.jpg Thanks for looking
  11. Got one complete with throttle body injectors and fuel rail off a 98 GTI 25 posted
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