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  1. Been MIA for about 3 yrs now! Still going and cars still not finished lol
  2. WOW, well this has been a while! https://scontent.flhr2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/43722360_10156048135844217_2985468356275994624_n.jpg?_nc_cat=108&oh=a06ba98b51f0ec4c8403ab83648bceb8&oe=5C50F4A5
  3. Not been on here for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! Basically its because I've nothing to add....until now. Had multiple problems with the morettes and finally I've had help to fix it. Now the lights are in, although Ive still bits to finish, I can during this week book it for an M.O.T. 1st one in almost 8 years!!! Although 1 light issue is a bit bugging and we cant work out whats up. Basically when the side lights are turned on, the side lights AND the main bulb come on (although dimmer than full lights on the next turn on the stalk) Weve had a good play ( I say WE, I mean a couple buddy's lol) and we cant work out why it does that, both mates cars dont do it but mine does!! Strange! But at least they work. Looking forward to getting it tested and on the road. Front bumper to finish and a cabby spoiler to add at a later date.
  4. Yellow lights look awesome.
  5. Ive been with Flux before and was a decent quote on modified escort. Strange how some prices really vary!
  6. Ahhh whoops! Just got in! I had a word with my brother who used to work for Panasonic. The conclusion is that it probably wont work as you'd be watching 1 extension whilst wanting sound through a second extension. He said the only time it would work via hdmi is if the surround sound and tv are the same brand and the tv's hdmi ports are labelled (arc) which is sound return via the hdmi cable. I havnt had time yet to confirm it on mine but he said if you buy an amp, make sure its got several hdmi 'in' ports on the back. Wire all your devices to the amp then the hdmi 'out' into the tv. Then you can have surround sound on everything you watch.
  7. Depends on the system I think. Generally speaking its a separate channel so you could view something different if it was say, a surround sound/dvd player. However Mine has an option that allows it to produce sound for anything the tv is displaying, Be it sky or my xbox. IM NOT SURE if this is because it's plugged in with an optical cable rather than hdmi. If I got time Ill plug a hdmi in and remove the optical cable and see what happens.
  8. Cheers all. Well, I have a handbrake handle and gear knob to fit along with a new part for the back of the steering wheel ( has the wire that connects the airbag) to fit then interior is all in, done and finished bar some more cleaning. I'm hopefully gonna get my extended wheel studs/coilovers fitted when it goes in for MOT. And just before that I'll have my tyres fitted so new wheel can go straight on at MOT time. Just before that though I need to re wire my headlights. The morettes have a plug, that the plug on my loom doesnt fit. I have new plugs that will fit but just need to clip the wires into the plug in the right place to get the headlights up and running. Its gonna all come together REALLY quick when I book the MOT. It needs a few touch ups body work wise and the front bumper building up again, but will get the major things/mot done 1st and do the bumper at my own leisure. Really nothing much happened of late as tbh.....its cold outside and I have NO motivation to do ANYTHING in that weather. As soon as it warms up I'll be straight on it!
  9. I think it should be ok with just the hdmi. My old surround sound/blu ray player stopped playing blu rays so i use it solely as surround sound for ANYTHING that the tv displays. However mine is connected via optical so you would have to have a play. As long as my surround sound displays 'D in 1' on its display, it will output sound from the tv, sky, new dvd/blu ray and any other device's I connect eg xbox. I dont know of any reason why yours wouldnt do the same even if it was connected with hdmi.
  10. You can NEVER have too many speakers Scotty!
  11. Do you mean the speakers all connected to the tv rather than through an amp!? If so then you need an amp, which I believe is what Hezz has just pointed you towards. do you have an optical output on the tv?
  12. Dale, pic of steering wheel please mate. And just to double check that connection for the airbag is all present and correct Price posted too. Sooooooobuy with work I havnt got time to come get it The cars been neglected for last couple months.
  13. I just seems to be one thing after another! Hopefully the new year will bring something better to the table instead of more sh1t. Just write this year off and look to the next which is just around the corner.
  14. Work this out... Cars battery has been disconnected as its off the road and I don't want it drained. After fitting new battery it fired up a treat. Been starting it up every couple days, now left almost a week. When I started it it was rough as! Spluttering like a goodun', smokey and wouldnt properly rev. On revving you could really hear the 'sucking' noise from the air filter! After I kept revving and ran the car for 10-15 mins would then finally run smooth and the sucking noise upon revs disappeared. Any ideas??
  15. Not sure. Hinges are welded on both door and car so no idea how they can drop?? Any pics?
  16. Dash surround is in, as is the steering wheel and ash tray. Unfortunately the wire connecting the air bag broke.....well what a few more years without one! Looks better with a bumper on as well....just need to mod it now. http://i743.photobucket.com/albums/xx80/the-jonsonator/P1050867_zpsbe2c1a8e.jpg http://i743.photobucket.com/albums/xx80/the-jonsonator/P1050868_zps7781b857.jpg
  17. Well it does have a pre out so you can fit an amp but from the sounds of what your doing.....I wouldnt bother mate. Head unit is 4 x 50w so is decent enough to run your speakers. Unless your going proper stereo build for high db and sound quality.....its just money down the drain. Save the cash for something else
  18. Its the only option lol The Amp wires to the head unit via the RCA cables and a remote wire. If it didnt wire to the head unit, your music wouldnt get sent to an amp! You can either run 2 speakers on head unit and 2 on a 2 channel amp or buy a 4 channel amp and run the lot on that. Your able to set up the sound a bit better on an amp.......but unless you wanna blow the neighbours doors down there's nowt wrong with running them off the head unit! You gonna add any more, like a sub? Or more speakers?
  19. Because members (paid members) get 1st dibs for a couple days before its open for everyone else. Something that was bought in recently.
  20. You'll be lucky....thread over 3 yrs old!
  21. oooh didn't know that! I may look into it.
  22. Good point but you cant see that really in the pic lol. I don't pay attention to the fact its a 1.3 and automatically think 'ahh drum brakes'.....my brain doesnt compute things like that!
  23. Only thing that stands out for me (not that I've looked intently) is the rear wings not meeting the spoiler. I like it regardless
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