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Found 7 results

  1. Have you got a drivers side runner light and willing to sell me for less than five Ayrton Sienna's? They are getting hard to find, but I got the passenger one for around 30 nicker. These sit next to headlight as on RS2000, Cosworth and XR3 Mk5b models? See my profile pic, look closely, they are missing, not there, nicked or something happened to them before I took delivery.
  2. As per topic. the fabric I'm interested in is called "raven flaw"
  3. I'm looking for some mk6 rs2000 front lowering springs 15mm 20mm or 30mm no lower. Only need the front as the set I ordered a while back was for a mk5 that coil in at the top. The mk6 don't lesson learned. Cheers.
  4. Hello, I am looking for Escort RS2000/Cosworth Morette headlights for MKV Escort.
  5. rs-van

    vss wiring

    Hi folks need a wee help out , when removing the engine from the rs the plug for vss got caught up and pulled out the 3 wires on the vss side ply can any of you guys tell me which colours go together if any off you rs owners would be kind enough to look on ther plug and compare the 3 wires would be much appreciated
  6. Hello, I need to replace the front left driveshaft to my 1.6 4x4 ford escort 1996. Does anyone know if i can use a standard escort driveshaft or perhaps a mk1 mondeo one. I have the mondeo driveshaft to hand but want to know if this is possible or whether il need to order a new one. Thanks!
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