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What should I do for ICE in my car?


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Im no great expert but I have been doing ICE installs as a hobby for the last 10 years! LOL


With a car you already up against problems even before you start.


Cars vibrate, cars rattle, cars are not symetrical (interior). Because a car vibrates that is a certain frequency it vibrates at, this frequcny could possibly cancel out the lower sound of your speakers thus making a system sound flat and in some cases top heavy. How many times have you all parked up with the engine off and played you stereo thinking yehhh this doesnt sound to bad, then you drive away and the bass is all but gone?


Sound deadening your doors is a must! However the biggest cuprit is the floorpan. Put lots, and I mean lots of flashing sheets, dynamat, foam andyhting you can along the floor to cut out exhaust and chassis drone. Trust me 3 layers of dynamat extreme on your floor will make you car quieter than a MERC!



If you want all out noise and little control fill the car with speakers. If you like you music then be prepared to spend hundereds, even thousands.


The ford stock system is not to bad. It is let down but the poor headunit but the speakers are not to shody if driven right, most escorts have component systems from the factory. Ford designed thier system to cope with almost any music. It's not going to win you competitions, but for a road car it's adequate for now.


If you only have £200 I would suggest saving another £200 buying a decent amp and 10in sub and sound deaden your doors. This will transform the sound in your car. A rule to remember, buying new equipment will not nescaraily sound better. A good stereo is 90% installation 10% kit.







I totally agree with what stu is saying aswell.


Ther is no right way to do ICE, but lots of people have learnt by making mistakes, you can learn from our mistakes so you don't have to...

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