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Escort GTi for sale, pepper red, 3 door. LOOK :)


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Here is another escort i got for sale, its my mates car who lives with me and he is now selling it, in my opinion its stunning but i cant afford it for myself


so up for sale she goes, open to offers as well, if your interested or have any questions just contact me :)


Escort Gti on piston heads





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Looks nice mate! Looks like my old one but not as low lol :D





That is stunning :drool: i absolutely love white 3 doors :) apart from colour they do look really similar don't they


this car is very nice, good luck with the sale, take it he doesnt want my beam anymore?


I don't think so but i will ask him, he has just bought a 2ltr 306, goes like stink :rolleyes:

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