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my escort


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as the title says its my starter project :)


so any ideas would be great :) little straped for cash at the mo (my old job decided they did not need half the staff :()


if you would like to photoshop some of the idea's then evan beter





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If I was you I would pop along to the Herts meet this weekend to get some ideas from the other cars there. Looks pretty clean for a mk5 though


What engine has it got?


it has got some sort of 1.4ltr not too sure what else realy:S


it aint too bad no rust underneeth and has been wax oiled to make sure it dont start rusting and has not rust on the outside so i think it should be a great start for a project (considering im 18 and dont have a licence :(


where abouts is the meting?



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Defo come along to the meet :D


I do like the Mk5s, is the front bumper a different colour to the rest or are my eyes playing up?


Looks like a good project though mate, keep us informed.



i think your eyes are playing up :)


it is all original :) and that is the way i plan to keep it i want to bring it up to its orriginal state once it came out the factry


but there will be some little changes to it ;)


i will see it i can get some pics for you guys/girls :)


what little things could i do now to it to make it look a lot beter but still prity much orignal

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you need ideas... your on an escort site, look at the members rides!


if you want to see cars in the flesh for ideas, then speak to Sammy, he is in St Albans too, his is a gorgeous mark 6!


Or me, im only 30 mins away in Flitwick! near bedford! again its a mark 6 tho!

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as Tez said, browse around the Show Us Your Motor section.

you've said you want to modify your car, but keep it in it's original state???

what look are you after?

completely standard, just looking newer? RS/XR lookalike? Cossie Rep?


I'm sure you'll find plenty of inspiriation on here, and people are happy to share ideas, or comment on yours, give advise etc.

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i want it to be orrignal so no fancy bumpers and lights and stuff but make it look beter like i debadged it and took the strip off the side and im going to get a respray in the same blue with metalic with a flip flop yellow in there :)


that is the sort of things im going to do basicly dont want it looking chavish but looking clean if you get what i mean :)

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to be honest, it's probably not worth shelling out for a full respray if you're not looking to replace bumpers, fit skirts/spoilers etc.


the original paintwork can be brightened up no-end with a good machine polish for a fraction of the price :thumb:



normaly i would agree but my brother owns a bodyshop so i will only pay out about £150 for parts he told me :)


i will put a spoiler on it and im thinkin about the skirts and maybe bumper but it is only a maybe at this point in time.


my dad has his own company doing diagnostics and aircon so i will get aircon fitted and then get him to do the diagnostic work on it to make a few minor changes :)


thanks for all you input so far and this site is great and is helping me loads









put it on the diagnostics and found no end of problems with the car and its ECU's and the likes all sorted now tho and cor the car rus so much beter :) just need to sort the blow on the exhust and we are up and running.


i no the mods mite have somthink to say about this but i cant belive how much my car has been helped but doing the diagnostic work so if any one else wants a check over on their car check out www.turnerautomotive.co.uk and pop down.


NOTE if this breaks the rules or somethink a mod can deleat that little part but i think it will be a great help for any car any make.

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