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My Evo.


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looks very nice Al. can't help but feel the wheels let this motor down a bit you got any plans in that dept?


I personally quite like the wheels, might paint them darker for now.Need to sort the stainless and decat, them a remap.Should see around 330bhp then.

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Very nice :thumb:


God the amount of people the other day in the college workshop that commented on the evo we had in there about the vortex generator it had on top, "what are they?", or "they stick on coat hooks or sommin?" or "are they aerials or sommin?", the amount of times I had to tell them it was for aerodynamics :nutter: :pancake:

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Vortex generator??? That the multiple shark fins on the roof?


Mines a genuine Mitsubishi one, basically they are meant to disturb the airflow over the top of the rear screen so you get increased airflow over the blade of the rear spoiler, hence creating more downforce.I just like the look of them! :pancake:

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