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Aircon blows fuses!!


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I have a problem with my A/C keep blowing fuse 2 (Heater motor/Air con) with the A/C off the heater will work for hours with no problem but when i switch it on the fuse blows after a random amount of time. Sometime it only last a few seconds other times it will last for up to 10 minutes. it does it on all fan speeds. When it is working it works lovely with nice cold air so the sistem DOES work... but not for long!!


Anyone got any ideas? (apart from opening the windows!!)

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I know its a universal answer but id say fuse box.

Had problems with so many of them over the years.

The latest one is my a/c & heater fan didnt blow on any speeds at all. Power at the switch on all speeds, so though it was relay,resistor,motor etc etc but no it was the good old fuse box! even though power was going where it should be. Escort electrics are shite to say the least. 10mins to change the box over so id try that before anything else.

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