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Hi ,

i have 2 unusual XTANT 403A 3 ch amplifiers for sale.


Xtant is the parent company of ROCKFORD FOSTGATE , the amps are chrome plated finish with built in cooling fans , all the network and controls are mounted inside the case for a sleek purist design.


The specs are : 2 ch X 50 watts RMS and 1 ch X 100 watts RMS > 100 DB S/N ratio 0.04% THD at 4 ohms

2 ch X 100 watts RMS and 1 ch X 200 watts RMS >100 DB S/N ratio 0.09% THD at 2 ohms


All in all an unusual amp and quite rare in the UK and predominantly aimed at the sound quality end of the market.

Fantastic build and sound quality.


I am looking for 100 pounds each and am willing to negotiate a deal on the pair.


Pictures will be added tomorrow.


Have a look at the XTANT website for an insight into this unusual audio legend.

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