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Well i sold my xr2tt cos couldnt afford to run two cars so made a compremise for a sensible, comfy car that looks awrite...


Always fancied one of these, esp in this colour, pretty rare in a 3dr so was glad to find it less than a mile from ma hoose.


Iam fully aware its Ric'c old car, but hey ho, added my own touches. When i bought it, it had some evo, delta whos your fibre glass daddy front bumper and gash 15's so sorted that out and cleaned it up abit.


Hope you like.














I fitted the standard front bumper, coilovers, the wheels and headunit..Will go abit lower once i sorted the arches out and a drive shaft niggle.


Standard engine and inside, but with all the toys, lecy everything, air-con etc.


Going to change the wheels and will be splitting and smoking the front fogs, all red rear lights, lower and new front splitter.


Hope you like.

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