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When i'm at low speeds I notice a dodgy whirring noise when steering and its freaking me out, it even sometimes stops steering the direction I want it to completely.


It's VERY loud and sort of screeches, so i'm not talking about operational noise here.


I'm supposed to go to the Hertz meet tomorrow but the car sounds REALLY unhealthy. What could it be?



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best to get the car jacked up and look under the front wheels, look where the driveshafts are and see if they are rubbing against anything whilst you are under there turn the wheels round to see if they touch anything even turn the wheels side to side on full lock and check if they rub against anything other than that mate all i can think of is brakes?
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It won't stop by just looking at it.




Ok I LOOKED and TOPPED UP the fluid. It seems fine now but I'll test it properly soon. Strange because the marker wasn't on minimum. I'm just glad it doesn't appear to be anything serious at the moment.

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