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opinons on wheels please


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I got my new lenzo's but im so touch and go on the colour, im tempted to have them resprayed black but want opinions. here are my old black wheels on the car and my new lenzo's on the car. do the black suit it better or silver in your opinion as im board line and cant make up my mind






or the silver lenzo's that would i might have refurbed black or do i keep them silver








Close up of the wheels





Thank you :)

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im defiantly 100% going black, courtesy of Escort Kid (cheers buddy :cheers: ) ive got a picture of the wheels in black now :drool: i think they look immense. they look satin almost which i really want to do now. what do you lot think :)




Thank you for all the comments and advise as well so far :)

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Black suit the car but i dont personally like black wheels, just dont think they stand out enough for the money they tend to cost lol. Cars looking good though :thumb:


i dont really want it to stand out a mile off, i like subtle mods that make a big difference when you get close up and notice the little things.


cheer again for all the comments

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Subtle mods is always a good route mate.


:thumb: agreed, i hate big body kits those Jap style ones just not my thing, however a lot of cars do it well as long as its ford styling its lush :) dont see the point in sticking some massive pointy kit on it when the escort is very rounded and smooth, thats why the cossie just looks the Mutts, like Tez's car :drool: now thats a nice car.lol

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