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Sorry not ford - BMW Help Please? W reg 316i se


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Hey guys, sorry its not escort related but im not registered on any BMW forums (i dont have one after all), and dont even know what "mk" this 3 series is, E46 and all that? lol.


But anyway its only the smallest 1.9 4 cylinder engine and the coolant keeps running out. Obviously the most common reason could be a crack in the radiator or a hose but what are other reasons this may be happening and are there any ways to tell? The engine did not overheat when it ran out and we thought it was fixed at one point with some rad weld, but that only lasted for about a day then on a trip to liverpool it was all gone by the time we got back.


Obviously its now not being driven because it would be pretty stupid to drive it with no coolant at all. Its going into the garage next week anyway but thought id check in case there are any other reasons the coolant could be running low other than a leak, as we can not seem to see anywhere it is leaking from.

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Right it had a new thermostat and thermostat housing and neither of these fixed it. This was what the garage thought it was originally.


So it went back in yesterday and half of today and they have said they can't find out what the problem is. I will list the things they did and see if anybody can offer a solution;


Compression test was done and showed normal results

They have determined that the water/coolant is coming out from the cap, like the water is forcing it out.


One guy there suggested the head may be cracked...but then another mechanic there doesn't agree, and obviously they won't just go and replace something like that without being sure, so the car is back.


I'm guessing it is going to be the head gasket or something, but is there any way to determine this for sure? The car was running fine when the problem first occured and has ran perfectly going betweeen the garage (with a top up of fluid and checks along the way if needed).


If it was the head gasket surely there would be other signs such as the car running crap, strange noises, or specific results from the compression test?


If anybody can offer any advice that would be great, I know this is an Escort forum but a good few guys here are very knowledgable and this is quite a general subject I think.

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