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help me with my clutch


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hi, cars being a bitch and im close to just crushing it


recently the clutch has been pretty much useless, you press the pedal but it doesnt mean you can change gear

its clunky as hell to get a gear and reverse is just not goin to happen


ive just replaced the ratchet/pawl and it appears to be working fine but still the same problem


wether the cable is spacered out on the box or not


think its worth replacing the cable?

or any other ideas?


ive had enough of it, every job is a bitch and is rarely corrected to prefection whatever bits i replace as everythign seesm to be fucked (140k for you i spose) i think its time for an evo


(this is my missuses car, i have a rat bag mk4 fiesta atm)


cheers for any help or experiences of the same with a conclusion

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