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bye bye gti.


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well due to the cost of repairs totalling more then the value of the gti i've decide its going to pay a visit to the weigh bridge on tuesday. its starting to look a little sorry for its self at the min as its already been gutted inside and the wheels.


this is my new replacement.


cost me £100 and £70 to fix to get it ready for the mot on tuesday, lol.


once the gti has been weighed in and i've sold a few bits, then the alloys will be going to be replaced with some "tsw evo r's" as mine have had it, one is cracked and need new tyres all round.


so here it is.





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front bumper's being swapped as this one is cracked, so taking the one off the gti. the skirts off the gti, and will see about modding the spats to go on too.


so far its already got the interior in from the gti, just need to swap over the steering wheel, then thats the full interior done.


looking at getting some more alloys, budget pemiting.


then in the future, lower it a bit, and go dark with all the lights and goona splitter.

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