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After polishing


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I usually just give my car a good wash (two bucket, auto glym shampoo etc) followed by a good drying.


Sometimes I use tar remover if it needs it.


Then I give it a polish using Super Resin from AG.


My cars silver, would anyone recommends something to apply after it to look after the paint and to keep the shine and bodywork looking cleaner for longer.


I don't want to spend silly money, something around 10 to 15 quid, that will last a fair few cleans lol.

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dodo juice is used alot at the moment and is very good,you'll either want....


dodo juice light fantastic...or....


dodo juice diamond white....both are specified for light coloured cars,ie whites,silvers etc.


but at roughly £30-£35 a pot its quite expensive,but the results are great!!

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Depends how often you use it.


You don't need to use very much at a time, but compared to more expensive stuff like Dodo Juice, Zymol etc, it doesn't last as long. For instance, you may was with those products twice a year, or possibly upto 4 times. Whereas with the Poorboys, you could really wax with it upto as often as once a month or something like that, depending on how many miles you do, on what kind of roads etc.


An 8oz Jar should last you a year on one car though I would have thought




EDIT: and as for ease of use, you really couldn't get any simpler. It's a breeze to work with

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