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Midx Herts Meet


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What a great meet.


I started off meeting up with Les (lescab) a few minutes away from my place. we arrived at about 10 past 2.


I finally got to meet GTI_Tom and Lord JC. I've known these 3 guys for absolutely ages but have never actually meet them.


Dave you're such a bonnet whore.


Ohhhh and the police turning up, they were probably quite surprised how polite and sensible we were. Had a nice chat and they were off on there way.


I got a sunroof motor whoohoo.


Big thank to Steve, well done on organizing the meet, I look forwards to the next one :thumb:

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Yea it was a great meet. Really surprised at how many people turned up. As rob says, got to meet alot of people and get some good advice. Glad I managed to make it in the end. Have a few pics on my phone I will upload tomorrow but there were a few people with some mega cameras so there should be some really good pics. Definately looking forward to the next meet now so got to get some work done to the motor :thumb:
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Looked a great meet when I got there, I think everyone turned up that said they would :D


Was a nightmare for me getting there having my mate as a directions reader, what a mistake that was! :pancake: Planned on getting there for 2 so I didnt have to rush off but ended up being an hour late from getting lost like 5 times :nutter:


Met a few evo members was good to meet ya, the ones I did. Felt abit awkward turning up when everyone was already there and not knowing anyone but the members I got to speak to was very welcoming. :thumb: And got my gti half leather off of steve, I love it!


Wouldve been nice to stay longer but from being late I didnt have much time to hang around because I had to get my mate back home for 4:30 and it was an hours trip. So apologies for not being there that long. But ill deffinately be at the next meet, hopefully it wont be such a nightmare! and ill have longer to have a better chat with some of ya. Least a few of ya know my face now :D

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Huge thanks to the MASSIVE numbers of evo members that showed up to Support this Branch of Middx & Hert's at our peek we had 26 members with cars as well as some locals who thought we were doing a cruise which the local police had to investigate ,It even took me by surprise the numbers that came as most did not even post their user ID up on my thread for the meet ,As mentioned due to its massive size and the sheer amount of people which attended.Spent so much time chatting to all that came if I missed anyone it was not on purpose I promise ,Heres a couple of pics as I hardly had a chance to take any photo's as I was run off my feet fitting seats and swapping and exchanging escort bits as well as welcoming all that came .








sorta gives you the idea just how big this meet was for those that could not attend









By the way the next meet will be held on Sunday the 15th June at 2pm at same location as I had to revise my re-location plans due to such huge numbers


No doubt some of the others that came took more photo's and will post them later I expect,Again I must thank all you guys that made the effort and some of you travelled many miles to get here too ,it did not go un-noticed :thumb:


these are some of the members ID that came .1pukkadeal,Sammy125,Nath,Tommy T,GTi_tom,Gwenzil,Meekstaaa,Zetec si,Newonthescene ,Geniusnoob,craig1712,Bluliz,jasmk6,Escort_kid ,Sleeman,Charley,Mutley,Sebsescort,LordJC,lescab,TomL and many more I did not catch the user ID of

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Right, well today was crap all of you were idiots and i can't believe i stayed that long talking to people who i don't like.........



I mean, er, yeah it was a great meet and everyone i met were very nice and its good to put some more faces to names! :D

I'm really glad i came today and can't wait for the next meet, why we can't get these turn outs at the essex meet i don't know. I would upload my pics but i can't be arsed and i'm about to go out on the lash. I'll do it tomorrow.


All in all, was good to see you all :)

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I will do mate, tomorrow. i'm on a Sub notebook at the moment and dealing with 6mp photos isn't it's forte. lol



Was so nice to see such a huge number of members make the effort Rob ,if we include the locals that came along and their weird and damn right wacky cars to say the least it would be 31 cars in total

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My first car meet in relation this website :)


Was a great meet and finally putting faces to names. I managed to talk to a few people, steve, john, dave, mutley, charley and more. didn't get to meet everyone though as there were just so many.


some really nice looking cars.


Im defiantly coming to the next one in June and perhaps FITP :cheers:

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I missed out on getting my cars photo taken as I was in such a rush I think ;( :pancake:



As you could not get a space due to the numbers fella ,I fitted your seats then you was off by the time I could take any snapshots,you never know someone else may have snapped you


Im defiantly coming to the next one in June and perhaps FITP :cheers:



Glad you enjoyed it seb


OOooo didnt realise this was today :( Would like to come when Ive got more on my car, then might have something to talk about LOL. I Dont know anyone on here yet :O



come along to the one mate as the date is under my sig

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