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Last things left: Door ajar lights, laguna splitter


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Hi all,


Last few things for sale.


Laguna splitter £offers


Door ajar lights £5


White heater surrond £5


RS2k front brakes (mint disks and brand new pads) (calipers need new bleed nipple threads) £30


RS2000 disked rear beam £60


Might have more, will check later, no pics still as my camera phone program is still being a pain


Seb :cheers:

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The splitter is vented and cut to fit a mk6.


I had that and the door ajar lights at the meet today, but never asked anyone if they wanted them lol :innocent:


John, sorry mate lol, lights would be £10 posted mate :)


Yes mate, it is the calipers that need new threads tapping in. With a thread tapping kit, your laughing.



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How good of a condition is the spoiler in? If alright, £25 posted?? Unless you are near to herts/middx before the next meet?


The splitter is average condition. Being really low to the floor it will get scrapped etc. There is a small split in the centre, but not big. When fitted to the bumper you can't see the split or the scrapps, and i'll give it a few coats of tyre shine and back to black for you.


Yeah £25 posted is fine mate :cheers:

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