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what should i do


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hi all really stuck on what to do i have just bought a mk6 rs2k 4x4


only faults are rear shockers leaking and body work needs tlc but apart from that its mint ex rs owners


do i


keep and restore to a show winner


sell to fund a cosworth


what sort of money are these worth and what would i be looking for a full respray


pics to come





or i could leave it and just drive it

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If you have to save for "a few years" for a cossie, you have to ask yourself whether you can actually afford one. There's the cost of them, insurance, tax, petrol, etc. Also don't forget, if something goes wrong, chances are it wont be cheap.


I'd say get the RS2000 to a condition you are happy with and see what happens.

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i could get one now mate but just bought a house and got married, are lass would kill me she is also on the hunt for a c class coupe as we need something practical and a cosworth is more of a toy than a everyday car


just need to save some money without her knowing and come home with it one day, would not use it

as a everyday car so will not cost much to run plus i have a trader policy so insurance is fine


think i will get a full shoot done on the rs


will probs change my mind tomorrow :D

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Restore it... :thumb:


If your still desperate for a cossy... You've got a 4x4 probably 2l turbo car... A few weekends and you could have the perfect Cossy rep! - 4x4... Quick enough engine yet easier to maintain... easier on the insurance... the list goes on! Mk6 to Mk5 Cossy Rep has been done before! It can be done again!

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yeah restore the 4x4 replace whats needed, and if you can stick to small areas of the bodywork. save you money from a new top coat unless you want to spend that much! then if you want to sell on and as you may know they are rare as rocking horse poo, so if you get advertising in the correct areas then someone will have it off you for thousands!
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