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Last night my new laptop couldnt even run PKR! wondering whether its vistas fault or the gfx onboard..anyone know a benchmarker i could use to compare it to my desktop as on paper the laptop wipes the floor with the desktop...which is 5 years old and can run pkr perfectly..if the laptop struggles with pkr what's it gonna do with C&C3? anyone?
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more details


1, whats the spec of the laptop, CPU, Ram, Video


2, is PKR a download one or website poker?


3, did you get an error message when attempting to load?


4, if so what was it.


5, if the software loaded, was it just extrempy slow and choppy?


I'll take a stab in the dark and say you have a CPU that is nowhere near capable of Vista, and or 512mb or 1GB of Ram.

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Its an advent 5301 and i payed 350 for it

Dual core pentium 2x 1.73GHz

2GB 667 ram



4 usb 2


15.4 widescreen TFT

vista home premium


Its a downloadable client and plays thru that...loads up fine but its very very low framrate,slow to respond to commands and i had several connection issues (which i think was due to the BT home hub...could poor internet connection affect framerate? PKR is a 3d one where the characters move. BT homehub threw a wobbler last night (possibly updating or something?


do u know of a benchmark tool?

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do u know of a benchmark tool?


Yup loads.


But at the moment i'm still unsure as to what needs benchmarking, :pancake:



The spec sounds alright for Vista. The internet connection could affect the framerate due to not getting the data fast enough.....but the video movements are stored on your computer.


are you using wireless or cat5?

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Just tried it again and it works fine in all modes...spectating,didnt try playing myself but i hope its sorted.. won 7 dollars last night for some bizarre reason(it only pays out top 3 and i lost connection permanantly with myself and 3 other players on the table...but i did have more chips than anyone else on the table and was easily gonna win it)


however i'd still like a decent benchmark app to test the score of this laptop and my desktop to see if the on paper spec is actually any better than my desktop (what with vista being power hungry and the gfx in here being onboard and not a geforce fx5200 (5 year old card) as whats in my desktop

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