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coolant water leak! help please!


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hey guys, just noticed yesterday my car is having a coolant water leak, i can pin point where its coming from and its coming from the water pump, but problem is though is doesn't leak like mad it just has a constant drip when the engine is hot, when its cold there is no leak, and when i'm driving the car normally the temp guage doesn't shoot up and it runs perfectly fine just this leak i am very concerned about.


but i don't know whether its the pump or the gasket is at fault would any of you guys know which one it could be? and how hard is it to do?

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Elo mate, ive just over come that problem. Mine started off as a minor leak but it will get worse if you don't do something about it and it wont be long, (if it is the pump) before it starts breaking off the engine . . . I bought a new water pump from halfords for £29.99 and a new cam belt for £18.??


Its not a nice job but also not as hard as people make it out to be, just make sure u put small marks on the engine in exact relation to where the cam pullys and the crankshaft are so that nothing moves and u don't lose the timing once the cam belts off. Its just a simple little thing to do, and people recomend getting tensioning kits and things but tbh just make sure nothing moves when u dont want it to and the job will go smoothly.


If your concered i rang ford myself and they said it could be a number of things, the water pump, themostat, radiator piping rot and they quoted me £425 to fix it.


Imo seek sum better advice and do it yourself mate. . . me(17yrs old) and my mate(also 17) managed to fairly easily do what i heard was quite an experienced mechanical job. :thumb:

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true well i'm not confident enough to tackle the water pump yet, as i only know basic mechanics like servicing, brakes, and exhausts etc. but my uncle owns a garage so he'll get it sorted. if it only takes half an hour then thats a bonus as they charge £25 labour every hour i think! so it will be sorted by tomorrow night to say the least! i'll be confident once i get a 2.0 mondeo zetec engine on a stand and do it myself, but for now i'll leave it to the pro's.
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