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New car thoughts...


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So i'm fed up of my Escort. I just don't think I can go to it from my Chrysler so i'm potentially looking at binning the 'Scrote and p/ex'ing the 300C towards something a bit more fruity...


So i'm after some suggestions, just incase i've missed anything.. i'm looking for a mid-size saloon (preferably), sporty, not stupid on fuel economy with a reasonable amount of boot space..


So i've considered the Vauxhall VXR8.. looks a good buy, but at 18mpg combined it just doesn't appeal to me anymore..


Alternatives are BMW.. looking at the 535d Sport, that kinda car.. maybe even stretch to a 335i depending on how much BMW will give me in p/ex!!


Budget is around £20-25k ideally as I don't really want to get much more strapped-up than I am already......


I think there's a bit of a hole in the market at the moment for this kind of car; nothing Jap takes my fancy (don't think I could live with a Lexus, for example).. nothing English (Ford make nothing in these leauge and Vauxhall, well, blah).. that leaves German, which is BMW and Audi.. Audi is a bit overpriced for lesser performance than the BMW's..



Suggestions on a postcard............. 8)

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c class merc? also VW passat? VW not ideal but great on fuel and boot space :thumb:


Must be something sporty.. or I may as well keep the 300C :)


I love the new 335i get it in a coupe or convertable white with red leather :)


although i think that is out of your price range?


Possibly.. i've seen some at BMW for as low as £28995.. so I could possibly stretch to it! I did test drive a 335i and it was pukka.

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I would say Monaro VXR. Far better looking than the VXR8, plus it's rarer and holding its value better


you can easily get 23mpg driving sanely, but not slowly...


Aside from that, 335i. Lovely engine that, and it's turbocharged...


No way would I have an Audi or a Merc in that price range, so for me it would be some kind of BMW or the wild card answer above...

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Dont suppose you've thought about Jag's?


Had a quick look on autotrader and you can get a sub 40k miles XJ for the sought of money you have (or cheaper). Everything from the 2.7diesel to the 4.2 V8. Lots of nice car for the money. Failing that, you should be able to get an S type R.

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