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mk 6 bits. going cheap LAST CHANCE


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if you want anything call me on 07791808609

i will check this post tomorrow morning and then if nothing is wanted its all going so this really is the last chance.

the suspension and interior will be saved but everything else is going.


radiator £10


each door (5 door) £10


bonnet £15


boot lid £10


set of brake lights (all 4) £15


dash board (the whole thing the goes across the front not the surround) £10


complete Si red interior red stripe (5 door) £70 (will get some pictures)


complete set of standard shocks and springs (monroe) £50


i can post the lights but would rather have pick up on the rest of the parts although delivery can be arranged if you are willing to pay :thumb:


theres a few other bits and bobs.




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Will the rad fit a mk5b si?


that would be the one with the front end of a mk6? as in mk6 headlights and bonnet? if so i would say yes but to be sure ask in the mechanical forum, i have the rad out and will save it until you have found out






Im after the central locking for the car and also im after the leccy window motor as my car does not have leccy windows or central locking so i wanna add it if possible thanks





i can drill out the motors and take out all the door wiring but im not 100% that it will just plug and play. you will need the barrel microswitches which i dont have but will be cheap from a breakers. if yours is a late mk5 then i would probably go but to be sure ask in the electrical forum. my car is a 95 mk6 just so you know. call it £30 for the lot




what colour are the doors? also the interior dash, is it the whole thing ?? piccy would be cool,



the colour is ash black. also the dash is the whole black part that goes literally from one door to the other along the windscreen, glove box attatched to it. its in good condition.

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if it being scraped you may as well charge peanuts for everything as its better than nothing



thats why im dropping the price for everything. dont you think £10 for a door is cheap? its alot better than scrap value i know/ id rather get rid of it to someone who wants it instead of scrapping it. if anyone feels like buying the car they can. needs to be gone by wednesday though.

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