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6000CD steering controls


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It wouldn't fit that well on an Escort, as I've had a look already. Would need some adjustment to fit and I'm sure they are off a Focus.


The controls go straight into a plug on the back, so you will need the loom too.

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Ok, this is what it looks like:



As you can see it fits quite good, considering its off a Focus!


It doesn't fit too good on the back but who cares? You don't see it!


Ok, its held on with 3 self tappers but this was the easiest way to do it, you need to cut the hole out for the plug, which you need


Along with this plug at the stereo end, both off the same Focus!


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It also comes in the mondeo mk3, fiesta mk6 fusion basically any ford of that time. yeah there are only 2 wires i got mine to work with an aftermarket stereo but buying the adapter kit from halfords (cheapest place that isn't on the net)

how much is the adapter? :)


About £35 u need 2 parts

ouch! wonder if turbosy or you have any pics with a steering wheel fitted? :cheers:

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