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RS2000 Parts


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Standard rs2k plenums x 2 fits mk5/6 £45.00 each posted// Can Port at extra cost

Standard rs2k 2wd non aircon Exhaust Manifolds x 2 non modded £50.00 each posted ideal for aps removal ect.

Standard rs2k Injector rail all injectors present and fuel pressure reg ready to fit £60 posted

Standard rs2k injector rail no injectors £25.00 posted

Genuine Montune rs2k head complete £1400 posted exchange~sold

Tony Law rs2k Exhaust Manifold £450 ~sold

Genuine rs maxi full intake system for throttle bodie setup £825~sold

Various rs2k Throttle bodies standard @ £35 posted

Rs maxi single head light setup evo 2 £300~sold

rs2k mk5 alloy spare wheel with tyre good condition~enquire

65mm alloy spacers for big single throttle body conversions pre drilled for mustang 65mm £10 each

alloy tps spacers for rs2k 65mm focus central conversions x 2 £10 each posted

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