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forgetting sarah marshall


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i didnt fancy this at all, but the mrs wanted to see it so i decided to be a nice guy (and make sure i have a week of no grief for working on the motor lol)


i fcuking hate russel brandbut he is fcuking awesome in this (both his acting and the way the character is perfectly suited to him). kristen bell and mila kunis are both fcuking beautiful and overall it was a really good movie, pretty funny and witty although maybe a tad too much cock and balls in view..


definately recommended :thumb:

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Wasn't exactly thrilled when I got dragged along to this one...

Have to say I did surprise me and I did actually enjoy it!


Seems to be a Rom-Com with the fellas being dragged along in mind.


Would also recommend! :thumb:


Or get some brownie points from the missus and take her to see it...

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I also went to see this with the Mrs yesterday and I agree, its pretty good.



I had never seen what Mila Kunis looked like before this, I only knew her voice from Family Guy..... damn she is fine!


Can't believe I missed that.... Meg Griffin's voice from the 2000 eps and above. :nutter:

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