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Stu's Escort Saloon ***SOLD***


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Alright. I think i'm gonna flog the saloon. Going from something new to something old(er) just isn't working out for me.


So here's the info


1998 Escort Saloon Ghia

71k on the clock

Ash Black

Full leather ghia x interior

2L Engine (rebuilt by me)

Stainless tubular exhaust manifold & system

16" Alloys with new SS-595 tyres

Gas Dampers with Eibach & RS2000 OE springs

300mm Brake Conversion

New brake cylinders out back

New steering rack

New lower arms



(I will get some better photos)


The car isn't mint. I bought it originally to be the donor car for a silly-balls-out-turbo project but decided against it. If you want a show car, then it'll need paint. The sills need doing ideally, but that's not a huge job. It's not a bad base to start from though!


I do have the proper rear spoiler for it but i've yet to mount it. It's got the integrated brake light and it's already ash black!



Now the car also has a stack of audio gear installed. Like, just recently. I've spent just over a grand I think on it. The boot floor and doors are sound proofed. There's a custom fibreglass sub enclosure built into the spare wheel well with a custom 'amp rack' built under the rear deck. The rack holds a US Amps amp along with a pair of Alto processors (although these are to be replaced by an Alpine Imprint processor). Up front there are Boston Acoustics components in the front doors with custom install in the front pillars (to be flocked). Head unit is an Alpine 9884R, literally a couple of weeks old. I've also got a dash fascia modified to accept a TomTom (which I would supply the tomtom etc. for you to assemble/finish for the right price).


I would sell the audio equipment seperately (obviously not the sound-deadening!).. would be looking around £500 for the head unit, amp, components, sub and processor (alpine).


I'd prefer someone to take the lot though.. it'd make a good car to break I think.. engine is rebuilt with fresh parts (new water pump, new cam belt etc.). It's got the brakes, interior, the lot really. Just needs a bit of tidying. There's only one job to do and that's to swap the ECU over which i'll most likely do before somoene buys it.



Ok, enough blah. The car owes me about £3k, obviously i'll get nowhere near that as it's just a 2L saloon with some audio.


I've had a look at the selling rules and it doesn't mention 'no bids', so i'm interested in public bids (or private if you wish to buy the car)...


If you're interested, then place a bid, or ask a question.. otherwise keep schtum ;)



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At this time i'm just listening to offers, either publicly or privately.


seeing as its bids and no one else has yet ill start the bidding at £300 :) :pancake:


Fair enough, but I have received a private bid considerably higher :)


But please continue.. c'mon people, open to discussion on this; just want rid without the price making me cry.

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