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My mate has got himself a Evo 3 that i had the chance to drive yesterday so i jumped at the chance, I have never drove anything this quick before, its an import with the restrictor!


i just thought i would post up a couple of pics as i was shaking once i got out of it i loved it so much!

Anyone else had any experience with these, I think i prefer the Evo 3 to the newer ones!


Its going for a full respray and everything cleaned up and the engine is being rebuit during next winter, hes hoping to have it pushing apox 400 horses!


anyway here it is!




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far from jap crap! my mate had one a few months back! i drove that and i agree they are impressive cars! awesome infact! look old but beat most things on the road!


good idea to have the engine re - built so you know its all fresh and good! as my mate just left it and ended up getting the dreaded bottom end knock! so a jap mag brought it from him as there drift project car!

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I was only joking about Jap crap, Its just im jealous, I want one!


Imo I think Jap and german cars are the way forward, Later in the day yesterday i drove my mates new focus ST and i prefered the evo by quite a bit!


Think he paid £4000 for it, which i thought was a good deal!

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they are awesome machines. The bodyshop I used to work for had the contract for the local Mitsy dealer.

Funny how it was always me that drove up there, when it was an evo to pick up! :devil:

drove most models, from 4-8. Very fast cars, handling is spot on, but they have no character.


They are built to go fast. does exactly what it says on the tin! :thumb:


not cheap to run tho, not like the good ol' 'scorts!

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Had the pleasure of navigating in the NOrthern ireland Forestry championship in a EVO6 real fast car and good handling, must say they are very forgiving when you get it out of shape.


But still don't think i would buy one.

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