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my new runaround


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picked this up yesterday its a 1.6 powerhouse as i sold the rs2000 as insurance were raping me so keeping this for a year to save up for focus rs if all goes well , Steve found this near his house (1pukkadeal) so had a look and took it , was an old boy who owned it and is mint inside and out no rust to be seen , tax and tested full tank petrol with 63k on the clock and a bit of history if it came with steelies i would of kept them but these wheels arent too nice so want to get a set of mondy alloys and paint them a darker colour , so this will be with me at the meets and shows





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yeah mate im saving for one at the moment should have one this time next year , by selling rs and getting this , im saving near on 2k , so thats a cople of months closer to the focus , as its same insurance group as the rs2000 which is stupid as the escort shouldnt be , only reason i got it as it was a bargain at least i will see the money bk when i come to sell within a years time
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