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mk5b and mk6 cv joints? same?


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hey folks, spent the whole afternoon/evening changing a n/s front hub to clear a humming wheel bearing and the job is done but the humming remains..so im gonna change the outer CV joint on that corner as the boot was split which leads me to think thats where the humming came from...i also split the balljoint gaitor while splitting the balljoint from the hub so the grease from that is escaping...my question is.


Will a CV joint/whole driveshaft from a mk5b IB5'd 1.6 zetec fit a mk6 IB5'd 1.6 zetec?

Will a wishbone from a mk5b fit a mk6?

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the hub was 2nd hand yes,from a 90k car i stripped 2 years back,think it definately is the bearing?


ive got pattern bones on my car now scorted.been there at least a year and their fine. Lowered cars eat bones.standard ones can keep em wuite well, just my ball joint splitter mullered the gaitor

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