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Boo hoo. Up a bit cheaper this time. Need some money to support my new project :(




Ebay Clicky


Email me: Langers_2002@hotmail.com

Phone: 07870823627


Idealy i want it gone this weekend as the insurance for it runs out on Wednesday next week.





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They are RGM skirts. Look nothing like the GTI skirts. These have a big lip on the front of them to lead onto the RGM front splitter....but obvs i dont have one of those.


The paint, Halfrauds never did supply me with the correct paint. I went to Fisher Motor Factors in lincoln to get the proper paint....well....the bodyshop did.


Am i asking too much for this? am wanting it gone ASAP...hopfully by this weekend? would of thought it may have generate some interest with it having long test and good tax on it.

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