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Rear bumper mods?


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Got some spats in the post and was planning on taking my bumper off to re-spray and repair while I fit these, but is there any other mods I could do? I'm sure I read something about someone having a laguna splitter on the back? Anyone got a pic?


Was thinking maybe blend the spats into the bumper and add a laguna splitter in between them somehow and blend that into the spats/bumper, or blend the splitter into the bumper/spats but dont blend the spats in? I dunno, just brainstorming really.


MarkyMark? Brute? I'm looking in your directions. ;)

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Can't imagine a laguna splitter on the back looking good!? In my opinion I think they look Shite on the front too!


Blended in spats would look nice. Other than meshing the bottom grill I cant think of anything else, even that would look tacky.

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