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have you done any repairs to the bumper e.g. any filler or primer? if not repair the damage first with as little filler as you can or try to sand down the damage as much as you can to allow filler primer or high build primer to take the shape.


mask up the smallest area around the damaged area, and primer it. allow it to dry fully, then remove masking tape and sand down the primer till you smoothed out the edges and the rest of the primer. then when you want to paint it leave the damaged area unmasked, but to allow the paint to adhere to the undamaged areas of the bumper sand half the bumper down with 1500 wet and dry paper in water. dry the bumper fully and then start painting. obviously you need to spray more paint on the repaired area and just gently flick the paint onto the surface outside the damaged area. and do the same with the lacquer when the paint is fully dry but spread the lacquer over the surface that has been flattened by the wet and dry paper. allow the lacquer to fully dry and cure for a day. then what you can do is to polish the overspray caused by the flicking of the paint and lacquer until it is blended in. along process but that is what bodyshops do!

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