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Its often been said round here that its four bits of plastic and some cow that seperate it from an SI - i know the engine is a standard 1.8 - might be some difference in the suspension? - Fast Ford have the information you need this month!
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si and gti are 5mm lower than the lx, ghia, finesse etc

Are they? Did we ever get to the bottom of that? Are they actually different part numbers?


im still not convinced... knowing how ford are with parts.. ive seen gti's that look like 4x4's so i reckon if their are different ones for si/gti it was hit and miss they actually had them fitted.


also having different part numbers doesnt 100% mean their different. just means ford dont miss a trick and try and charge more for certain models (even if the parts are the same).. and this is something i was discussing with someone (cant remember who) at the herts meet

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Remember though guys it is only cheap these days to convert an Si up to GTi spec on a budget because of second hand parts. At the time just to get the half leather seats new would have cost a bomb and the GTi was worth the extra money to a lot of people.


These days if you are upgrading the seats in an SI may aswell go for rs2k recaros, they are the most amazing seats that fit straight in, and don't look boy racer at all.


Also another thing is that the GTi came with ABS as a standard feature, it was always an option on the SI as far as I am aware. Just another small difference!

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