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very buget system advise


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i know my sterio's and ice as they say! but wondered what you would come up with?


Just after a simple system for a freind of mine, its his first car (only a little corsa) but wants a okay sterio system, nothing chavvy like 10 subs and 6 pairs of 6x9s lol


i advised on


2 x 6.5 coaxials in the front with tweeters

2 x 6 x 9s in the rear on a stealth shelf

1 x 10" sub in box just to take the bass off the speakers

CD Player with atleast 1 RCA OUTPUT

Amp to run it all


What would you recommend here? on a very tight budget, we are talking no real frills, no fancy headunits, looking at 250 all in!

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i got 6 channel jbl amp, 12 inch sub in jbl box, 6 x 9s and front 13cm speakers with crossovers and tweeters £225 all brand new.

special deal from SKIDZ in falkirk 01324 630060

you can use the internal crossover in the amp if your stereo doesnt have its own sub output.

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