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creaking sound passanger front side


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Hello there noise creaking sound on the passanger front side. Its not coming from the wish bone or ball joint, shocks or springs it started doing it when you turn full sharp right then once you turn to straighten up it creaks its coming like from gap hole were steering rack goes through in to.


When you drive there nothing perfect. I had a problem like this before just sprayed springs and shock sorted out but this one coming from along steering rack area through the gap hole inside.


When you turn steering side to side with wheels of the floor you can hear it still on passanger side.


Its also got new track rod ends and been tracked while ago so there new parts as well.

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Its started again Thursday So I've orderd a brand new bearing £5.50p piacked it up Saturday yesterday. Cause taking it all out then may as well fit new bearing while doing all this the old one might be knackard then fit it all back sod that for £5.50p its worth fitting new one definet. :P


Sorted out today with all this nice weather Took everything apart and there was loads of dirt and bits around everywere so cleaned everything up. Then sprayed grease the parts that were clean again. Also fitted new bearing as the old one was full of dirt bits. :D


Been for drive and everything seems to be working fine now fingers crossed. :P

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Will the top rubber mount also cause the sound as well if it was warn? I have greased and cleaned it up thow before. <_<


I cleaned everything up were springs sits and fits also were mount is to and new bearing been great now 6 days. Cleaned everything up as it should be then greased the parts needed but the noise is back now again pain in the ass. <_<


So basicly I get rid of the problem but it come back 2nd time so this must mean the rubber mount warn something else or wat? :rolleyes:

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Tested the shock it works perfect no problems. One thing I did noticed the spring that goes in the top mount was fitted perfect then at the bottom of the shock the spring wasn't all way around about inch or half inch away from the stop end bit. So I put that how it should be like the other side now alot closer and will see what happens.
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